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Haydn Edition Volume 2 – Piano Trios (FLAC)

Haydn Edition Volume 2 - Piano Trios (FLAC)

Haydn Edition Volume 2 – Piano Trios (FLAC)

Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn
Performer: Andrew Manze, Jaap ter Linden, Tini Mathot, Jaap Schröder, Wouter Möller, Bob Van Asperen, Tuija Hakkila, Mikael Helasvuo, Anssi Karttunen, Trio Fontenay
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Warner
Catalogue: 2564696503
Release: 2008
Size: 1.47 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: cover

Piano Trio No. 1 in F major, Hob.XV:37
01. I Adagio
02. II Allegro molto
03. III Menuetto – Trio

Piano Trio No. 2 in C major, Hob.XV:C1
04. I Allegro moderato
05. II Menuetto – Trio
06. III Andante con variazioni

Keyboard Trio No.3 in G major Hob.XIV, 6
07. I Allegro
08. II Adagio
09. III Menuetto – Trio

Piano Trio No. 4 in F major, Hob.XV:39
10. I Allegro
11. II Andante
12. III Allegro
13 .IV Menuetto – Trio
14. V Scherzo

Piano Trio No. 5 in G minor, Hob.XV:1
15. I Moderato
16. II Menuet – Trio
17. III Finale – Presto

Piano Trio No. 6 in F major, Hob.XV:40
18. I Moderato
19. II Menuet – Trio
20. III Finale – Allegro molto

Piano Trio No. 7 in G major, Hob.XV:41
21. I Allegro
22. II Menuet – Trio
23. III Adagio
24. IV Finale – Allegro

Piano Trio No. 10 in A major, Hob.XV:35
25. I Capriccio – Allegretto
26. II Menuet – Trio
27. III Finale – Allegro

Piano Trio No. 11 in E major, Hob.XV:34
28. I Allegro moderato
29. II Menuet – Trio
30. III Finale – Presto

Piano Trio No. 12 in E flat major, Hob.XV:36
31. I Allegro moderato
32. II Polonaise
33. III Finale – Allegro molto

Piano Trio No. 13 in B flat major, Hob.XV:38
34. I Allegro moderato
35. II Menuet – Trio
36. III Finale – Presto

Keyboard Trio No.14 in F minor Hob.XV, f1
37. I Allegro moderato
38. II Menuet – Trio
39. III Finale – Allegro

Piano Trio No. 22 in A major, Hob.XV:9
40. I Adagio
41. II Vivace

Piano Trio No. 23 in E flat major, Hob.XV:10
42. I Allegro moderato
43. II Presto

Piano Trio No. 24 in E flat major, Hob.XV:11
44. I Allegro moderato
45. II Tempo di menuetto

Piano Trio No. 25 in E minor, Hob.XV:12
46. I Allegro moderato
47. II Andante
48. III Rondo – Presto

Piano Trio No. 16 in D major, Hob.XV
49. I Allegro
50. II Andantino più tosto allegretto
51. III Vivace assai

Trio for Fortepiano, Flute and Cello in F major Hob.XV, 17
52. I Allegro
53. II Finale : Tempo di Menuetto

Trio for Piano Flute and Cello in G major, Hob.XV:15
54. I Allegro
55. II Andante
56. III Allegro moderato

Piano Trio No. 32 in A major, Hob.XV:18
57. I Allegro moderato
58. II Andante
59. III Allegro

Piano Trio No. 35 in C major, Hob.XV:21
60. I Adagio Pastorale – Vivace assai
61. II Molto Andante
62. III Finale – Presto

Piano Trio No. 39 in G major, Hob.XV:25 ‘Gypsy’
63. I Andante
64. II Poco adagio
65. III Finale – Presto

Piano Trio No. 42 in E flat Major, Hob.XV:30
66. I Allegro moderato
67. II Andante con moto
68. III Presto

A well-contrasted programme of late Haydn piano trios in sympathetic performances makes for a tempting proposition. I particularly enjoyed the Fontenay in the expansive opening movements of Nos. 18 and 30, generously and flexibly paced and imaginatively phrased, with the players finding fresh colours and nuances for the exposition repeats. Slow movements, too, are done broadly and expressively… But if the Fontenay seem more attuned to Haydn’s inwardness and lyricism than to his animal spirits… there’s much to savour in these affectionate, thoughtfully characterized readings, truthfully captured by Teldec’s engineers.

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