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Hanson Conducts Fiesta in Hi-Fi (APE)

Hanson Conducts Fiesta in Hi-Fi (APE)
Hanson Conducts Fiesta in Hi-Fi (APE)

Composer: Alberto Ginastera, Robert Guyn McBride, Lyndol Coleman Mitchell, Ron Nelson, William Grant Still
Orchestra: Eastman-Rochester Orchestra and Chorus, Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra
Conductor: Harold Lawrence, Howard Hanson
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Mercury
Size: 341 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. McBride: Mexican Rhapsody
02. Nelson: Savannah River Holiday
03. Mitchell: Kentucky Mountain Portraits – 1. Cindy
04. Mitchell: Kentucky Mountain Portraits – 2. Ballad
05. Mitchell: Kentucky Mountain Portraits – 3. Shivaree
06. Vardell: Joe Clark Steps Out
07. Still: Sahdji – Part 1
08. Still: Sahdji – Part 2
09. Ginastera: Overture to the Creole “Faust”

Good Music!!!

I bought this CD after hearing one track on WUOL, the local public radio station, “Joe Clark Steps Out,” an orchestral spin on an old folk fiddle tune, “Old Joe Clark.” Turns out I also thorouoghly enjoyed the rest of the CD. I’ve been playing the CD almost non-stop in the car since I got it. Fans of Aaron Copland, Gustav Holst, Mitch Miller’s TV sing-along, and John Williams’ movie music (Star Wars et al) should enjoy the other tracks as well, or at least hear some similarities. Who’d’a’thunk that recordings made 50 years ago could sound so good re-done on a CD and that 20th Century Music could be so enjoyable!!

Happy Listening!!

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