Hands Across the Sea: Marches from Around the World (APE)
Hands Across the Sea: Marches from Around the World (APE)

Orchestra: Eastman Wind Ensemble
Conductor: Frederick Fennell
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Mercury
Size: 363 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Sousa: Hands Across the Sea
02. Ganne: Father of Victory (Le père la victoire)
03. San Miguel: The Golden Ear
04. Teike: Old Comrades
05. Prokofiev: March, Op.99
06. Hanssen: Valdres March
07. Cese: Inglesina
08. Coates: London Suite – 3. Knightsbridge (March)
09. Sousa: US Field Artillery
10. Sousa: The Thunderer
11. Sousa: Washington Post
12. Sousa: King Cotton
13. Sousa: El Capitán
14. Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever
15. American Patrol
16. Goldman: On the Mall
17. McCoy: Lights Out
18. King: Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite
19. Alford: Colonel Bogey
20. Klohr: The Billboard

happy music

I could’t offer a technical critique of this c.d,instead I’ll attempt to describe the enjoyment it gave me.Imagine you’re sitting in your car listening to the radio,not terribly enthusiastic about getting out to start work.You become aware there’s a bright ,cheerful sounding tune being played-vaguely familiar,I find myself tapping out the beat and humming along-what’s this called then?Then we get to the part I can identify-DAH-DAHdeDAHdeDAH-DAH-DAH-Oh,of course,it’s the music they used in “The Hunters”,oh the memories that brought back.That tune got me out of the car ,through the day’s turmoil,and when I woke up the next morning at 3a.m.,it was still going throgh my head!Okay,log onto Amazon,click,click,all I’ve gotta do now is contain my impatience .The C.D. duly arrived,suffice it to say it exceeded all my expectations regarding quality and content and has become one of my favourites.

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