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Handel – Giove in Argo, Jupiter in Argos (2 CD, APE)

Handel - Giove in Argo (Jupiter in Argos) (2 CD, APE)
Handel - Giove in Argo (Jupiter in Argos) (2 CD, APE)

Performer: Tanya Aspelmeier, Theresa Nelles, Lisa Tjalve, Markus Auerbach, Benoit Haller, Raimonds Spogis
Orchestra: Concert Royal Koln, Kammerchor Wurzburg
Composer: George Frideric Handel
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Musicaphon
Size: 738 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Disc: 1
01. Ouverture (HWV 342) Un poco Allegro – Allegro
02. Act 1. Coro. Care selve
03. Act 1. Recitativo. Imbelli Dei
04. Act 1. Aria. Affanno tiranno
05. Act 1. Coro. O quanto bella gloria
06. Act 1. Recitativo. Della gran caccia
07. Act 1. Aria. Non ingannarmi
08. Act 1. Coro. O quanto bella gloria
09. Act 1. Arioso. Dite dov’è che fa
10. Act 1. Recitativo. Fra il silenzio
11. Act 1. Arioso. Vieni, vieni
12. Act 1. Recitativo. Iside qui
13. Act 1. Aria. Deh v’aprite
14. Act 1. Recitativo. O là chi mi soccorre
15. Act 1. Aria. Taci e spera
16. Act 1. Arioso. Tutta raccolta
17. Act 1. Recitativo. Abbi pietoso ciel
18. Act 1. Aria. Mio caro amato padre
19. Act 1. Recitativo. Credo che quella bella
20. Act 1. Aria. Semplicetto
21. Act 1. Recitativo. Che intesi mai
22. Act 1. Aria. Al par della mia sorte
23. Act 1. Recitativo. Una cara promessa
24. Act 1. Aria. Nel passar d’un laccio
25. Act 1. Coro. Lieto esulti il cor
26. Act 2. Coro. Corre, vola
27. Act 2. Recitativo. Dell’Arcade feroce
28. Act 2. Aria. Già sai che l’usignol
29. Act 2. Recitativo. Ma s’alfin mi piegassi
30. Act 2. Aria. Io parto lieta
31. Act 2. Coro. Corre, vola da capo
32. Act 2. Recitativo. Qual mai rara beltà

Disc: 2
01. Act 2. Aria. Sempre dolci ed a
02. Act 2. Recitativo. Ecco l’infida
03. Act 2. Aria. Tomani a vagheggiar
04. Act 2. Recitativo. Che vuoi di più
05. Act 2. Aria. Col tuo sangue
06. Act 2. Accompagnato. Svenato il genitor
07. Act 2. Accompagnato. Iside dove sei
08. Act 2. Aria. Ombra che pallida
09. Act 2. Coro. Viver e non amar
10. Act 3. Coro. Oggi udirannosi
11. Act 3. Recitativo. Dovunque io volga
12. Act 3. Aria. Combattuta da più venti
13. Act 3. Recitativo. Che risolvi Calisto
14. Act 3. Aria. Questa d’un fido amore
15. Act 3. Recitativo. Deh vezzoso mio ben
16. Act 3. Duetto. Vado e vivo
17. Act 3. Aria. In braccio al tuo spavento
18. Act 3. Accompagnato. Priva d’ogni conforto
19. Act 3. Aria. Ah non son io
20. Act 3. Recitativo. Agitato, confuso
21. Act 3. Aria. Così suol a rio vicina
22. Act 3. Accompagnato. Non è d’un alma
23. Act 3. Coro. S’unisce al tuo martir
24. Act 3. Recitativo. Ah che mal mi difendo
25. Act 3. Recitativo. Ancor vive
26. Act 3. Coro finale. D’amor di Giove

Opera pasticco Giove in Argo ,G.F,Handel,Concert Royal Köln, Kammerchor Würzburg, S,Kraus, a

Händels opera pasticco Giove in Argo was played for the first time in London on May 1st.1739 The Italien Antonio Maria Luccine wrote the libretto. Händel uses music of his early works, original compositions and two arias of the Italian composer Francesco Araja prepared especially for the opera in his Pasticco. No great success was the two performances oft the King’s Theatre Haymarket since the morally ambiguous action didn’t arrive so properly at the highly moral London Puplicum. The opera was listed in Wagner city of Bayreuth/Germany on Septemer 15th. 2006. The opera, it is God thanked,
is disk with uns now when compact. Ihe opera was very carefully reconstructed and completd in parts. Some unusual features have to be mentioned here. The use of Countertenors was completely renounced 3 soparnos, a tenor, a bass and a baritone, enter into action. Concert Royal Köln and the chamber choir Würzburg were conductet by Sylvie Kraus, Karla Schröter and Matthias Beckert. With the extensive and very splendid choir arcades the master wanted to tie of the first great successes of his oratorios. In my opinion all artists masters theier homework wiht bravado. The CD-Productio is a true jewel and shouldn’t missing in any music collection. Uwe from Herford in Westphalia/Germany

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