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Gutman Portrait Series vol.1 (APE)

Gutman Portrait Series Vol. 1 (APE)
Gutman Portrait Series Vol. 1 (APE)

Composer: Alfred Schnittke, Dmitri Shostakovich
Performer: Natalia Gutman
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Live Classics
Size: 336 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)

Cello Concerto No. 1 op. 107 (1959)
01. Allegretto
02. Moderato
03. Cadenza
04. Allegro con moto

Cello Concerto No. 2 op. 126 (1966)
05. Largo
06. Allegretto
07. Allegretto

Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998)
08. Dialogue for Violoncello and Seven Instruments (1965)

7 thoughts on “Gutman Portrait Series vol.1 (APE)”

  1. Thank you for this treasure. I discovered this trove recently and have been looking through the pages. I appreciate your work well and thank you for your hard work and generosity. For this and all other posts. Thanks you!

  2. Last time I heard the 2nd concerto, a little girl stood up on her seat dancing solo to the percussion episode. It was absolutely beautiful and duly reprised, and I think she taught a great part of the audience not only how to appreciate a certain work, but embracing as a form of understanding.
    (Who was the soloist proper I don’t remember. Maybe it was Mørk.)

  3. Огромное спасибо! Потрясающая запись. Шестакович – не мой любимый композитор, но концерты для виолончели выше всяких похвал. A propos: что это за фирма звукозаписи?

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