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Gulda, Swarowsky: Mozart – Piano Concertos no.21 & 27 (SACD)

Gulda, Swarowsky: Mozart - Piano Concertos no.21 & 27 (SACD)
Gulda, Swarowsky: Mozart – Piano Concertos no.21 & 27 (SACD)

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performer: Friedrich Gulda
Orchestra: Orchester des Wiener Staatsoper
Conductor: Hans Swarowsky
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: DSD64 (iso)
Label: Denon
Release: 2016
Size: 2.26 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major, K. 467
01. I-Allegro maestoso
02. II-Andante
03. III-Allegro vivace assai

Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat major, K. 595
04. I-Allegro
05. II-Larghetto
06. III-Allegro

Excellent Mozart woven by Gurda in his early 30s. With the long-awaited first SACD, the masterpiece will shine more!
The CD layer recurs with new mastering different from the conventional version!

SAW hybrid specification board of TWCO-63 (DISC1) released on December 20, 2013 (CD layer is another mastering). Gulda’s classic performance left on the concert hall label is SACD hybridized. With SACD, you can enjoy high-quality sound very close to the master tape. In addition, the CD layer has been newly mastered with DENON genuine equipment from the analog master this time, and you can enjoy a different sound quality from the conventionally released board. This CD layer is positioned as an extra to enjoy more music. As a “plus alpha”, it is a limited edition that can be enjoyed even by those who have a conventional CD. In this third release, a total of three titles will be released. Includes Mozart, an important group of works by Gurda that has been his repertoire throughout his life. It is a record of Gurda’s youth who flew to the world, Mozart is a famous performance full of elegance different from the later re-recorded board. The Mozart is a full-fledged performance full of knowledge and thorough control over musical instruments, and a new mastering dating back to the analog master. And the sound of the accompaniment is amazing. Mozart’s two piano concertos are later recorded with Abad & VPO, but the concert hall sound source you can hear here shows a different look. Probably the result of collaborative work with Swarovski, and the fusion with the unique orchestral tone of Vienna, the recording of the slightly on-state captures well, so you can enjoy the sensitivity of the talented pianist of the young age. What is surprising is the reality of the sound, which is recorded in such a vivid state that it does not seem to have been recorded more than 50 years ago. You will be impressed by the sound of the strings and the surprisingly flexible Swarovski command. The sound quality that was well received at the last CD release was further upgraded at the SACD layer. You can enjoy the vividness and delicate sound of stringed instruments.

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