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Gorecki – Kleines Requiem Fur Eine (FLAC)

Gorecki - Kleines Requiem Fur Eine (FLAC)
Gorecki – Kleines Requiem Fur Eine (FLAC)

Composer: Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki
Performer: Elzbieta Chojnacka, Dawn Upshaw
Orchestra: London Sinfonietta
Conductor: David Zinman, Markus Stenz
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Warner
Size: 236 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

Kleines Requiem fur eine Polka, op.66
1. I. Tranquillo
2. II. Allegro impetuoso – marcatissimo
3. III. Allegro – deciso assai
4. IV. Adagio cantabile

Concerto for Harpsichord & String Orchestra, op.40
5. I. Allegro molto
6. II. Vivace

Requiem ‘Good Night’, op.63 for soprano, alto flute, 3 tam-tams and piano
In Memoriam Michael Vyner
7. I. Lento (adagio) – tranquillo
8. II. Lento tranquillissimo
9. III. Lento – largo: dolcissimo – cantabillissimo

Best Gorecki

Kleines Requiem fur eine Polka is my favorit work of Gorecki.
We were at the Dutch premiere of this piece in Amsterdam at the Berlage-Building.. (also a premiere of Gubaidulina that night, both were there!!) Quite some time ago now, but a strong memory.. And it went straight into the heart!! (Conductor Reinbert De Leeuw..That man is so GOOD!!)
I like the sadness, the building-up and the nice waves of Polka-music coming trough, memory-fragments..lifting the music trough time,,,oooow!!
There is something basic, allmost primitive in Gorecki’s way of writing, he is going straight to the point of the feelings that he wants to express and uses everything that is needed to get there.. Still,there is subtlety, but not in the way of Gubaidulina, where every sound is measningfull and woven. Gorecki gets closer to direct connecting to his heartfeelings, less observing, more ploughing, there clearly is Hurt to be expressed, and the hurt is connected to the hurt we all feel coming with life..
Have also once seen a very impressive dance-piece of shadow-dancing with fading and growing shadows based on Symphony No.3, The Symphony of Sorrowfull Songs, that will probably stay his best-known work.. But, to compensate the deep sorrow of No.3, just please also listen to this polka-thing.. Such a precious beauty!
There was one person giving only 1 star to this sorry for him..,
but understand he owns it.. May I suggest to listen again, just the ‘Kleines Requiem'( although the ‘Good Night’ sung by Dawn Upshaw is a nightsong to want to hear every good night..),close your eyes, sit and relax, stop thinking or wanting to understand or compare, let yourself go into the sound.., be touched..and have a warm glowing light of cheer in the chest..!

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