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Giovanni Sollima – Works (APE)

Giovanni Sollima - Works (APE)
Giovanni Sollima - Works (APE)

Composer: Giovanni Sollima
Performer: Giovanni Sollima
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (tracks+cue)
Label: Sony/BMG
Size: 321 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Terra Aria
02. Terra Acqua
03. Terra Danza
04. Terra Fuoco
05. Zobeide
06. Byron
07. Hell I
08. Hell VI (ugolino)
09. La Spera Ottava
10. Inversion Recovery
11. Trio
12. Notte

Breathtaking from the first note…

Sollima combines inexhaustible inventiveness with a lapidary sense of composition. The fusion of sometimes exhilarating rhythmic brio, exquisite tonal depth and thematic beauty in many of these pieces makes for a genuinely stunning first listen. Two or three of the tracks are perhaps a bit too ‘experimental’ or weird, but the rest are just wonderful. The tracks Hell I and Trio alone justify the album- it’s hard to imagine anyone being unmoved by them. But there is so much more. My favorite is the thrillingly poignant La Spera Ottava- at ten minutes the longest track on this great album.

If you haven’t heard Sollima before, you can sample him on youtube (search on ‘giovanni sollima’.) Watch the ‘Daydream Part 1’ video, which uses Terra Aria, or scroll down to find Trio or Hell I, all pieces on this cd.

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