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Fasolis: Piccini – Le Donne Vendicate (FLAC)

Fasolis: Piccini - Le Donne Vendicate (FLAC)
Fasolis: Piccini – Le Donne Vendicate (FLAC)

Composer: Niccolò Piccinni
Performer: I Barocchisti, Vincenzo di Donato, Giuliana Castellani, Mauro Buda, Sylvia Pozzer
Conductor: Diego Fasolis
Number of Discs: 2
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Chandos
Catalogue: CHAN0705
Release: 2004
Size: 558 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: cover

Le donne vendicate (The Revenge of the Women)
CD 01
01. Part I: Sinfonia
02. Part I: Scene 1: Questi fiori, onor d’Aprile (These flowers, the glory of April) (Lindora, Aurelia)
03. Part I: Scene 1: Perche, invece de’ lauri (Why, instead of laurel leaves) (Lindora, Aurelia)
04. Part I: Scene 1: Un guerriero giovinetto (There was once a young warrior) (Aurelia)
05. Part I: Scene 2: Oh, quest’e bella assai! (Oh, that really is too much!) (Lindora, Aurelia)
06. Part I: Scene 3: Sono bello, io gia lo so (I’m handsome, how well I know it) (Count Bellezza)
07. Part I: Scene 3: Amabile Lindora (Lovely Lindora) (Count Bellezza, Lindora, Aurelia)
08. Part I: Scene 3: Quel dar tanto in tanto (That heaving every now and then) (Count Bellezza, Aurelia, Lindora)
09. Part I: Scene 4: Io vi dico che le spese (I’m telling you that the sums spent on goods) (Ferramonte)
10. Part I: Scene 4: Adesso, in questo punto (Now, this very moment) (Ferramonte, Aurelia, Lindora)
11. Part I: Scene 5: Ero ancora di tenera eta (When I was still a little lad) (Ferramonte)
12. Part I: Scene 6: Queste bravure sue (I fear that all his bragging) (Lindora, Count Bellezza)
13. Part I: Scene 6: Le povere donne (Ladies, poor souls) (Lindora)
14. Part I: Scene 7: Questa cosa va mal, va male assai (Things are not going well, not well at all) (Count Bellezza)
15. Part I: Scene 7: Diro che son le donne (I shall say that all ladies are) (Count Bellezza)
16. Part I: Scene 8: Spada, spada fatale (Sword, death-dealing sword) (Ferramonte, Count Bellezza)
17. Part I: Scene 9: Le sono obbligatissima (I’m extremely obliged to you) (Lindora, Aurelia, Count Bellezza, Ferramonte)

CD 02
01. Part II: Scene 1: Donne mie, noi siam I’offese (Ladies, we’ve been insulted) (Lindora, Aurelia)
02. Part II: Scene 1: Perdonatemi, o donne (Forgive me, Ladies) (Aurelia, Lindora)
03. Part II: Scene 1: Attento, sotto un albero (Watchfully, beneath a tree) (Lindora)
04. Part II: Scene 2: Ci sono nell’impegno (I’ve committed myself now) (Ferramonte, Aurelia)
05. Part II: Scene 2: Per esempio, se il nemico (For example, if my opponent) (Ferramonte)
06. Part II: Scene 3: Quant’e sciocco se crede (How stupid he is if he supposes) (Aurelia, Count Bellezza)
07. Part II: Scene 3: Si, l’ho detto, lo ridico (Yes, I’ve said it, I say it again) (Count Bellezza, Aurelia, Lindora, Ferramonte)
08. Part II: Scene 4: Il malan che vi colga! Oh, questa e bella! (Devil take you! This is the limit!) (Count Bellezza)
09. Part II: Scene 4: Cara, quest’occhi miei (Dear one, these eyes of mine) (Count Bellezza)
10. Part II: Scene 5: Avente inteso? Allor ch’io mi ritrovo (You understood what I said? When I am engaged) (Ferramonte, Aurelia, Lindora, Count
11. Part II: Scene 5: Infelici, pover’uomini (Wretched, foolish men) ( Aurelia)
12. Part II: Scene 6: Se n’andorno, una volta! (They’ve gone, at last!) (Lindora, Count Bellezza)
13. Part II: Scene 6: Tutto per voi faro (I would do anything for you) (Count Bellezza, Lindora)
14. Part II: Scene 7: Certo, siete un grand’uom! Negate, adesso (Sure, you’re superman! Now you deny) (Aurelia, Ferramonte, Lindora)
15. Part II: Scene 7: Venga pur: che bel piacere (Let him come. How satisfying it will be) (Aurelia, Lindora, Ferramonte, Count Bellezza)

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