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Ensemble Antiphona: Montigny – Grands Motets (24/88 FLAC)

Ensemble Antiphona: Montigny - Grands Motets (24/88 FLAC)

Ensemble Antiphona: Montigny – Grands Motets (24/88 FLAC)

Composer: Joseph Valette de Montigny
Performer: Ensemble Antiphona, David Tricou, Coline Bouton, Pierre Perny, Rolandas Muleika, Eva Tamisier, Timothé Bougon, Raphaël Marbaud, Eva Tamisier
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Paraty
Release: 2021
Size: 0.99 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Motet Surge propera
01. Symphonie, récit de taille et chœur “Surge propera Sion filia”
02. Duo de haute-contre et basse-taille “Quanto factus humilior”
03. Duo de dessus et chœur “Tubæ sonitu”
04. Récit de haute-contre “Christo vero soli”
05. Récit de basse-taille “Audiat homo et intelligat”
06. Petit chœur “Quid homo ? Ô Deus !”
07. Récit de taille et trio haute-contre, taille et basse “O tui nimis prodiga Deitas !”
08. Récit de taille “Qui sitit qui esurit”
09. Récit de dessus et chœur “Deo serviant omnia”

Motet Salvum me fac Deus
10. Prélude et récit de taille “Salvum me fac Deus”
11. Chœur “Veni in altitudinem maris”
12. Récit de basse “Multiplicati sunt super capillos”
13. Chœur “Effunde super eos”
14. Duo de basse-taille et basse “Videant pauperes et lætentur”
15. Chœur “Laudent illum cæli”
16. Récit de dessus “Ego sum pauper”
17. Duo de haute-contre et basse-taille et chœur “Laudabo nomen Dei”

“This Valette is one of the most stupendous geniuses we have and his music is stupendous too”. This is how the famed Sebastian de Brossard introduces his contemporary composer Joseph Valette de Montigny. Though acknowledged for its qualities, Montigny’s music has very rarely been played. Nor has it ever been recorded. Simply on account of its rarity and the absence of scores, it has remained unpublished. Thanks to this recording on which two great motets are performed, Antiphona Ensemble and its director Rolandas Muleïka are filling a vacuum. These motets are two outstanding pieces in Joseph de Montigny’s catalogue. Musicologist Benoît Michel, who died at a very young age, was the main instigator of this felicitous rediscovery: he would undoubtedly have felt enthusiastic about the release of this recording. This presentation draws to a large extent upon his work.

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