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Einaudi – Doctor Zhivago (FLAC)

Einaudi - Doctor Zhivago (FLAC)
Einaudi - Doctor Zhivago (FLAC)

Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack, Import
Label: Universal Classics & Jazz
Size: 224 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

The soundtrack for the 2002 TV miniseries “Doctor Zhivago” is as good as the film itself. The pinnacle of the score is the first track (which is basically the love theme and permeates the entire story), but Einaudi still manages to compose brilliant music for the 4 hour drama which unfolds on screen. The chemistry between Mr. Matheson & Ms. Knightley is undeniable. Unlike the classic 1965 movie, you feel and sense that there’s more than mutual & sexual attraction which pulls Lara & Zhivago closer together amidst the turmoil of the Russian Revolution. Sam Niell is an excellent & complex Komarovsky, a villain’s villain. I also like the tracks “Farewell To The Past,” “Love Is A Mystery,” & “Kolechko.” However, it’s “Zhivago” that really is the dominant theme of the score, and “Kolechko” really pulls into perspective the tragedy, heartache & loss of the Russian Revolution. Very evocative of the horrors of war and the evil in man’s heart. I highly recommend the soundtrack AND the movie. BUY them. They’re worth every penny.

Ludovico Einaudi – piano
Sergey Starostin – voice, flutes, russian harp
Djivan Gasparian – armenian duduk
Marco Decimo – cello
Mauro Lo Guercio – violin
Debora Tedeschi – violin
Antonello Leofreddi – viola
Stefano Dalora – bass
Cecilia Chaily – harp
Czech National Symphony orchestra, сonductor – Ludovico Einaudi
Dmitry Hvorostovsky

01. Zhivago
02. Farewell to the PAst
03. Love is a Mystery
04. Kolechko
05. The Earth
06. Evil Days
07. Talking To You
08. Still So Early In The World
09. The Journey
10. Writing Poems
11. Eyes Closed
12. We Praise Thee (Tebe Poyom)
13. White Night
14. Fairytale
15. The Ringlet
16. Yuri’s Lullaby

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  1. I love to work at the sound of Einaudi’s music. It is so relaxing. Thank you for this wonderful series of posts. If you come across more of his work, do not hesitate to share it.

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