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Dijkstra: Handel – Israel in Egypt (FLAC)

Dijkstra: Handel - Israel in Egypt (FLAC)
Dijkstra: Handel – Israel in Egypt (FLAC)

Composer: George Frideric Handel
Performer: Rosemary Joshua, Atsuko Suzuki, Gerhild Romberger, Kobie van Rensburg, Simon Pauly, Thomas Hamberger, Harald Hoeren, Christoph Lehmann, Max Hanft, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Orchestra: Concerto Köln
Conductor: Peter Dijkstra
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: BR Klassik
Catalogue: 900501
Release: 2010
Size: 526 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Israel in Egypt, HWV 54
CD 01
Part I
01. Symphony
02. The sons of Israel do mourn (Chorus)
03. How is the mighty fall’n! (Chorus)
04. He put on righteous (Chorus)
05. Quartet: When the ear heard him (Soprano 1, Alto 2, Tenor, Bass 1)
06. How is the mighty fall’n! (Chorus)
07. He deliver’d the poor that cried (Chorus)
08. How is the mighty fall’n! (Chorus)
09. The righteous shall be had (Soprano 1, Alto 2, Tenor, Bass 1, Chorus)
10. Their bodies are buried in peace (Chorus)
11. Quartet: They shall receive (Soprano 2, Alto 2, Tenor, Bass 1)
12. The merciful goodness of the Lord (Chorus)

Part II
13. Recitative: Now there arose a new king over Egypt (Tenor)
14. And the children of Israel sighed (Alto, Chorus)
15. Recitative: Then sent He Moses (Tenor)
16. They loathed to drink of the river (Chorus)
17. Aria: Their land brought forth frogs (Alto)
18. He spake the word (Chorus)
19. He gave them hailstones for rain (Chorus)
20. He sent a thick darkness over all the land (Chorus)
21. He smote all the first-born of Egypt (Chorus)
22. But as for his people (Chorus)
23. He rebuked the Red Sea (Chorus)
24. And Israel saw that great work (Chorus)

CD 02
Part III, “Moses Song”
01. Moses and the children of Israel sung this song (Chorus)
02. Duet: The Lord is my strength and my song (Soprano 1 Soprano 2)
03. He is my God (Chorus)
04. Duet: The Lord is a man of war (Bass 1, Bass 2)
05. Thy right hand, O Lord is become glorious (Chorus)
06. And with the blast of thy nostrils (Chorus)
07. The enemy said, I will pursue (Tenor)
08. Thou didst blow with the wind (Soprano)
09. Who is like unto Thee, O Lord (Chorus)
10. The people shall hear (Chorus)
11. Thou shalt bring them in (Alto)
12. The Lord shall reign for ever and ever (Soprano, Chorus)
13. Sing ye to the Lord (Soprano, Chorus)

Georg Friedrich Händel’s great choral oratorio, “Israel in Egypt” is the most valuable gift the composer ever gave to choral music. The chorus functions as protagonist in this powerful work, which tells the Old Testament story of Exodus with telling dramatic intensity. Two multiple prize-winning, major ensemble, Concerto Köln, the well known period instrument ensemble and the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, joined forces for the first time in November of 2008. The strong individual characteristics of the vocal soloists combine impressively with the chorus and orchestra for a multi-layered interpretation that is concurrently borne by a clear, common musical objective. This recording features the original three-part version from 1739.

Live-recording; Munich, Prinzregententheater, Nov. 2008

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