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Delibes – Lakmé (2 CD, APE)

Delibes - Lakmé (2 CD, APE)
Delibes - Lakmé (2 CD, APE)

Performer: Natalie Dessay, Gregory Kunde, José van Dam, Patricia Petibon, Charles Burles
Orchestra: Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse
Conductor: Michel Plasson
Composer: Léo Delibes
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: EMI Classics
Size: 512 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Lakmé, opera
Composed by Leo Delibes
Performed by Toulouse Orchestra
with Bernadette Antoine, Xenia Konsek, Gregory Kunde, Delphine Haidan, Natalie Dessay, Jose Van Dam, Patricia Petibon, Charles Burles, Franck Leguerinel
Conducted by Michel Plasson

Disc: 1
01. Lakme: Prelude
02. Lakme: Act I: No. 1 Introduction: ‘A L’Heure Accoutumee’ (Nilakantha)
03. Lakme: Act I: Priere: ‘Blanch Dourga’ (Lakme, Nilakantha)
04. Lakme: Act I: N. 1 Bis – Scene: ‘Lakme, C’Est Toi Qui Nous Proteges!’ (Nilakantha, Lakme)
05. Lakme: Act I: No. 2 – Duetto: ‘Viens, Malika’ (Lakme)
06. Lakme: Act I: Scene: ‘Miss Rose, Miss Ellen’ (Gerald)
07. Lakme: Act I: No. 3 – Quintette & Couplets: ‘Quand Une Femme Est Si Jolie’ (Gerald)
08. Lakme: Act I: Recitatif: ‘Nous Commettons Un Sacrilege’ (Gerald)
09. Lakme: Act I: No. 4 – Air: ‘Prendre Le Dessin D’ Un Bijou’ (Gerald)
10. Lakme: Act I: No. 4 Bis – Scene: ‘Non! Je Ne Veux Pas Toucher’ (Gerald, Lakme)
11. Lakme: Act I: No. 5 – REcitatif & Strophes: ‘Les Fleurs Me Paraissent Plus Belles’ (Lakme)
12. Lakme: Act I: No. 5 Bis – Recitatif: ‘Ah! Malika! Malika!’ (Lakme)
13. Lakme: Act I: No. 6 – Duo: ‘D’Ou Viens-tu? Que Veux-tu?’ (Lakme, Gerald)
14. Lakme: Act I: No. 6 Bis – Scene: ‘Viens! La! La!’ (Nilankantha, Lakme)
15. Lakme: Act I: Entr’Acte
16. Lakme: Act II: No. 7 – Choeur & Scene Du Marche: ‘Allons, Avant Que Midi Sonne’
17. Lakme: Act II: No. 7 Bis – Recitatif: ‘Enfin! Nous Aurons Du Silence!’
18. Lakme: Act II: No. 8 – Airs De Danse: Introduction
19. Lakme: Act II: No. 8 – Airs De Danse: Terana
20. Lakme: Act II: No. 8 – Airs De Danse: Rektah
21. Lakme: Act II: No. 8 – Airs De Danse: Persian
22. Lakme: Act II: No. 8 – Airs De Danse: Coda Avec Choeurs
23. Lakme: Act II: No. 8 – Airs De Danse: Sortie
24. Lakme: Act II: Recitatif: ‘Voyez Donc Ce Vieillard’
25. Lakme: Act II: No. 9 – Scene & Stances: ‘Ah! Ce Viellard Encor!’ (Nilankantha, Lakme)

Disc: 2
01. Lakme: Act II: No. 9 Bis-Recitatif: ‘Ah! C’Est De Ta Douleur’ (Lakme, Nilankantha)
02. Lakme: Act II: No. 10 – Scene & Legende De La Fille Du Paria (Air Des Clochettes): ‘Ah!… Par Les Dieux Inspires… Ou Va La Jeune Indoue’ (Lakme, Nilankantha)
03. Lakme: Act II: No. 11 – Scene: ‘La Rage Me Devore’ (Nilankantha, Lakme)
04. Lakme: Act II: No. 12 – Scene & Choeur: ‘Au Milieu Des Chants D’ Allegresse’ (Nilankantha, Lakme)
05. Lakme: Act II: No. 12 Bis – Recitatif: ‘Le Maitre Ne Pense Qu’ A Sa Vengeance’
06. Lakme: Act II: No. 13 – Duo: ‘Lakme! Lakme! C’ Est Toi!’ (Lakme, Gerald)
07. Lakme: Act II: No. 14 – Finale: ‘O Dourga, Toi Qui Renais’ (Gerald)
08. Lakme: Act II: Entr’Acte
09. Lakme: Act III: No. 15 – Berceuse: ‘Sous Le Ciel Tout Etoile’ (Lakme)
10. Lakme: Act III: No. 15 Bis – Recitatif: ‘Quel Vague Souvenir Alourdit Ma Pensee?’ (Gerald, Lakme)
11. Lakme: Act III: No. 16 – Cantilene: ‘Lakme! Lakme! Ah! Viens Dans La Foret Profonde’ (Gerald)
12. Lakme: Act III: No. 17 – Scene & Choeur: ‘La, Je Pourrai T’ Entendre’ (Lakme, Gerald)
13. Lakme: Act III: No. 18 – Scene: ‘Vivant!’ (Gerald)
14. Lakme: Act III: No. 19 – Duo: ‘Ils Allaient Deux A Duex’ (Lakme, Gerald)
15. Lakme: Act III: No. 20 – Finale: ‘C’ Est Lui! C’ Est Lui!’ (Nilankantha, Lakme, Gerald)


Natalie Dessay’s crystal clear coloratura is what brings this set to absolute life. One only needs to hear the beginning of the “Air des clochettes” to know that his has to be one of the greatest artists of our time. The subtlety and clarity in her voice is astonishing. Having heard the Sutherland version, I can say with utmost confidence that this set…kicks the Sutherland one in the pants (and I’m a big Sutherland fan).

The rest of the cast is just as impressive. Gregory Kunde soars to the rafters as Gerald, and Jose van Dam makes a dark and imposing Nilakantha.

The only problem that I could have with this set is the libretto. It was just a little sloppy. Reading the English side, there were several grammatical errors (verb tense and so forth). It was as if the translator hadn’t taken English in a few years. On one page they printed the French on both sides, that didn’t help me very much! These are minor problems, and the incredible singing easily overcomes them.

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