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David Jacques: 14 Histoires de Guitares (24/96 FLAC)

David Jacques: 14 Histoires de Guitares (24/96 FLAC)
David Jacques: 14 Histoires de Guitares (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Julian Gavino Arcas, Leo Brouwer, François le Cocq, Mauro Giuliani, Antonio Lauro, Victor Magnien, Santiago de Murcia, Aleksandr Nemerovsky, Angelina Panormo, Catharina Pratten, Gaspar Sanz, Ernest Shand, Fernando Sor, Francisco Tárrega, Juan Antonio de Vargas y Guzmán, José Viñas
Performer: David Jacques
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: ATMA
Release: 2020
Size: 1.3 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Shand: Varsovie mazurka, Op. 204
02. Shand: Méditation, Op. 69 No. 2
03. Panormo: Andante et allegretto
04. Pratten: Forgotten

Pratten: Sadness, A Lost Love, A Lament
05. No. 3 in D Major

06. Arcas: Bolero

Santiago de Masarnau: 3 Airs caractéristiques, Op. 17
07. No. 1, (Arr. for Guitar)

Arcas: Coleccion de Tangos
08. No. 1, Aire de tango

09. David del Castillo: Bolero in E Minor

Magnien: Andantes (6), Op. 17
10. No. 1 in E Major

Sor: Etudes for guitar (12), Op. 6 (24 studies, book 1)
11. No. 11, Allegro moderato

12. Bosch: Plainte moresque, Op. 85
13. Viñas: Andante sentimental, Op. 40

14. Tárrega: Pavana

Princess An’s Lute Book (Excerpts)
15. Scotch Tune No. 1
16. Scotch Tune No. 2

17. Cocq: Rondeau in B major
18. Canaries in G-Flat Major

Princess An’s Lute Book (Excerpts)
19. Scotch Tune No. 3

Sanz: Instruccion de musica para la guitarra espanola
20. Canarios in G-Flat Major

21. Murcia: Grave in D flat major

Mathías José Maestro: Quaderno de música para guitarra
22. No. 2, Andante – Sonata

Vargas y Guzmán: Explicación para tocar la guitarra
23. No. 13, Marcha de Nápoles

Giuliani, Mauro: National Dances & Marches, Op. 24b
24. No. 5, Allegro – No. 11, La monferrina – No. 12, La monaco
25. No. 14, La tarantella

Ausseer tabulatur (Excerpts)
26. No. 12, Aria
27. No. 8, Bourrée
28. No. 54, Gigue

29. Giuliani: Coming Through the Rye

Giuliani: My Lodging Is On the Cold Ground, Op. 125 No. 5
30. No. 5, My Lodging Is On the Cold Ground

31. Nemerovsky: Alla mazurka
32. Nemerovsky: Serenade in A minor

Lauro: Suite venezolana
33. I. Registro

Brouwer: Dos temas populares cubanos (Two Cuban Folksongs)
34. No. 1, Berceuse

Classical guitarist David Jacques has assembled a private collection of rare guitars made by the finest luthiers of the past 400 years. With his new album 14 Guitar Stories, Jacques becomes the first guitarist to play all 14 instruments on the same recording. Each guitar is featured in repertoire that is appropriate to the instrument’s era, and each has a story to tell.

The guitars featured on the recording span more than three centuries and include early baroque instruments made by Alexandre Voboam around1665, and by Pracht in 1776; a chitarra battente by Marcus Obbo from 1806; a theorbo-guitar by Villaume et Giron from 1798; a Mast lyre-guitar from 1810; an 1820 string guitar by Joaquin Pages as well as guitars by prestigious makers Ren Lacte (1835), Aubry-Maire (c.1830), Guiot (1846), Vicente Arias (1886), Anton Stauffer (c.1840), and Louis Panormo (1832); a rare guitar made by Antonio de Torres in 1887, and finally, a guitar made by Daniel Friederich in 1972.

Guitarist and lutenist David Jacques has a Ph.D. in early music performance from the Universit de Montral. He studied classical guitar at the Cgep de Sainte-Foy, Universit Laval, and the Conservatoire de musique de Qubec. His discography consists of 50-plus recordings on the XXI-21, ATMA, Oz, and Analekta labels, several of which have been nominated for ADISQ, JUNO, Opus, and CHO Classik prizes. Jacques has been awarded Opus Prizes for three of his discs: Pices de guitarre de Mr Rmy Mdard (2008), Tango Boral (2012), and Pampa Blues (2014).

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