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Chicago Folks Operetta: Abraham – Ball at the Savoy (FLAC)

Chicago Folks Operetta: Abraham - Ball at the Savoy (FLAC)

Chicago Folks Operetta: Abraham – Ball at the Savoy (FLAC)

Composer: Paul Abraham
Performer: Alison Kelly, Gerald Frantzen, Ryan Trent Oldham, Cynthia Fortune Gruel, Rose Guccione, Bridget Skaggs, Matt Dyson
Orchestra: Folks Operetta
Conductor: Anthony Barrese
Number of Discs: 2
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Naxos
Release: 2021
Size: 811 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Ball at the Savoy
01. Prelude – Waltz – Ball at the Savoy
02. My Dear Venezia, bella Venezia!

Act I Scene 1
03. Where Are They?
04. A Toast to Madame, a Toast to Marquis!

Act I Scene 2
05. What a Pleasure It Is to See You All Again
06. There’s Only One Lady for Me

Act I Scene 3
07. What a Lovely Garden

Act I Scene 4
08. Who Needs Gin When I’m Here!
09. My Father, on the Other Hand

Act I Scene 5
10. Aristide! How Was the Honeymoon?

Act I Scene 6
11. Hey, Do You Know Who Just Pulled Up Outside?
12. Hi Everybody! I’m Here!

Act I Scene 7
13. Daisy! When Did You Get Here?

Act I Scene 8
14. Did You Really Cross the Ocean Just to See Me?
15. What’s It Like to Be Newlyweds?

Act I Scene 9
16. Mustafa, There’s No Time to Waste

Act I Scene 10
17. Aristide, I’m So Excited to Have You All to Myself Tonight

Act I Scene 11
18. I Can’t Believe He’s Leaving Me on Our First Night at Home
19. An Eye for an Eye, a Kiss for a Kiss!

Act I Scene 12
20. Ah, Miss Daisy, en grande toilette!
21. Every Night at the Bar

Act I Scene 13
22. I’ll Have a Ball at the Savoy!

Act II
23. Entrance Music

Act II Scene 1
24. Gentlemen, You Won’t Believe Who’s Here!
25. The Fellas Call Me Bella Tangolita

Act II Scene 2
26. To See All Six of You Here Together
27. We Turks Are All Polygamied Out

Act II Scene 3
28. Come Out of Retirement, Marquis?
29. How Could a Man Betray a Woman of Such Beauty and Charm?

CD 02
Act II Scene 4
01. How Did It Go?

Act II Scene 5
02. Where Have You Been, Mr. Mustafa?
03. I’ve Studied It Every Which Way

Act II Scene 6
04. Oh, You’ve Got It All Wrong, Aristide

Act II Scene 7
05. Room Eight? With Her?
06. It’s in My Blood

Act II Scene 8
07. There’s No Time to Lose
08. Toujours l’amour

Act II Scene 9
09. How Charming!
10. Ladies Dressed at the Height of Fashion
11. Here’s the Latest New Craze

Act II Scene 10
12. Bravo, Pasodoblé!
13. What Do I Like About You?
14. La, La, La, I Am a More Alluring Señorita
15. He Swore That He’d Be Faithful

16. Entrance Music

Act III Scene 1
17. Unbelievable! The Wife of the Marquis de Faublas Would Never Do a Thing Like That

Act III Scene 2
18. Bébé, Where’s My Wife?

Act III Scene 3
19. I’ll Have a Ball at the Savoy
20. One Thing I Know Now

Act III Scene 4
21. What’s All the Fuss About?
22. Why Am I In Love with You?

Act III Scene 5
23. Is Everything Packed?

Act III Scene 6
24. Madame, the Attorney Has Arrived

Act III Scene 7
25. So, You’re Maître Levy’s Representative?

Act III Scene 8
26. Thank You

Act III Scene 9
27. What a Fine Young Man
28. Oh, Why Am I In Love with You

Hungarian composer Paul Abrahám enjoyed huge success across Europe with his ‘jazz operettas’, not least in Weimar Berlin where his works scored for an orchestra augmented by a jazz band caused a sensation. Ball im Savoy (‘Ball at the Savoy’) has a plot reminiscent of Die Fledermaus and its variety of influences, some European and some reflective of contemporary American popular song, won the kind of acclaim only equalled by Franz Lehár. The premiere, which took place in December 1932, was for some the last major cultural event of Weimar Germany.

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