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Cavina: Francesco Cavalli – Sospiri d’amore (24/96 FLAC)

Cavina: Francesco Cavalli - Sospiri d'amore (24/96 FLAC)
Cavina: Francesco Cavalli – Sospiri d’amore (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Pietro Francesco Cavalli
Orchestra: La Venexiana
Conductor: Claudio Cavina
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Glossa
Size: 1.16 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. O luci belle (Eritrea)
02. Qui cadè al tuo piè (Orimonte)
03. Né meste più (Veremonda)
04. Lassa, che fò (Statira)
05. Corone ed honori (Ciro)
06. Vanne intrepido o mio bene (Statira)
07. L’aspetto feroce (Muzio Scevola)
08. D’Amor non si quereli (Ormindo)
09. Io misero fui Rege (Scipione Affricano)
10. Hor che l’aurora (Egisto)
11. Io chiudo nel core (Elena)
12. Alpi gelate (Pompeo Magno)
13. Sì, sì, che questa notte (Ormindo)

Giulia Semenzato, soprano
Raffaele Pe, alto

La Venexiana
Efix Puleo, violin
Daniela Godio, violin
Luca Moretti, viola
Antonio Papetti, violoncello
Alberto Lo Gatto, violone
Chiara Granata, triple harp
Gabriele Palomba, theorbo
Diego Cantalupi, theorbo
Luca Oberti, harpsichord

Claudio Cavina, direction
Recorded: December 2015
Recording Venue: Teatro alle Vigne, Lodi, Italy

Two of the brightest singing talents to have emerged from Italy in recent years, Giulia Semenzato and Raffaele Pe, join forces for Sospiri d’amore, a dazzling celebration of operatic arias and duets by that Baroque master of amorous emotions, Francesco Cavalli. Soprano and countertenor are supported by a modern master of Italian Baroque style in Claudio Cavina, who directs La Venexiana (Cavina has also led the Glossa recording of Cavalli’s 1656 opera Artemisia).

Working in Venice with some of the best Italian librettists around in the mid-seventeenth century, Cavalli mined rich emotional seams concerning love in his operas – from tragedy to comedy, from profundity to frivolousness, through to sensuality and vivacity – conjuring up a stream of productions which enjoyed great artistic and financial success; his influence travelled far and wide, and even just in the immediate period of the Baroque this included Rameau, Lully and Handel and Purcell.

With five full-scale duets amongst the solo arias, ariosos and recitar cantando, this new Glossa recording gloriously shows off the talents of two artists who have been gathering important stage experience in the operas of Cavalli: the Venetian Semenzato and the Lombard Pe (who made his debut on the label with The Medici Castrato). Space is also found for one of the vocal genres which Cavalli can lay claim to instigating – the dramatic lamento, here in the form of Lassa, che fò from Statira. In addition, an intriguing picture of Cavalli and his operatic inspiration is to be found in the booklet essay written by Olivier Lexa.

Claudio Cavina and his ensemble are joined by two exceptional young soloists, soprano Giulia Semenzato and countertenor Raffaele Pe, who lead their listeners through the emotional highs and lows of some of the composer’s lesser-known operas…[this is] a recital of carefully chosen excerpts, many of which send you off in search of the complete opera

The young Italian countertenor [Raffaele Pe] is indeed outstanding throughout, with a fine voice that shines not only in a compelling performance of the scena infernale from Scipione Affricano. La Venexiana’s accompaniments are stylish in that they employ just two violins and continuo.

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