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Bernstein: Bloch, Foss, Ben-Haim (2 CD, FLAC)

Bernstein: Bloch, Foss, Ben-Haim (2 CD, FLAC)
Bernstein: Bloch, Foss, Ben-Haim (2 CD, FLAC)

Performer: Judah Cahn, Robert Merrill, Jennie Tourel, Sylvia Marlowe, Christine Stavrache
Orchestra: New York Philharmonic
Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
Composer: Paul Ben-Haim, Ernest Bloch, Lukas Foss
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Sony
Size: 526 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

Disc: 1
01. Sacred Service: Part I: Meditation (Prld). Moderato/Ma Tovu. Poco Meno Mosso
02. Sacred Service: Part I: Borechu. Moderato-Shema Yisroel. Moderato
03. Sacred Service: Part I: Andante Moderato/Ve’ohavto. Tranquillo-Moderato
04. Sacred Service: Part I: Mi Chomochoh. Allegro Moderato
05. Sacred Service: Part I: Tzur Yisroel. Andante Molto Moderato
06. Sacred Service: Part II: Kedusha (Sanctification): Nekadeish. Moderato
07. Sacred Service: Part III: Silent Devotion (Prld) And Response. Andante Moderato/Yih’yu Letrotzon…
08. Sacred Service: Part III: Taking The Scroll From The Ark (Interlude). Quieto/Toroh Tzivoh. Quieto
09. Sacred Service: Part IV: Return The Scroll To The Ark. Moderato/Gad’lu Ladonoy. Moderato
10. Sacred Service: Part IV: Eitz Chayim (Peace Song). Molto Quieto
11. Sacred Service: Part V: Va’anachnu (Adoration). Andante Moderato
12. Sacred Service: Part V: ‘Kaddish’ Prayer (Memorial Service, Spoken). Poco Piu Lento/Tzur Yisroel…
13. Sacred Service: Part V: Yevorechechoh Adonoy (Benediction). Molto Moderato

Disc: 2
01. Song Of Songs: Biblical Cant: I. ‘Awake, O North Wind’
02. Song Of Songs: Biblical Cant: II. ‘Come My Beloved’
03. Song Of Songs: Biblical Cant: III. ‘By Night On My Bed’
04. Song Of Songs: Biblical Cant: IV. ‘Set Me As A Seal’
05. Sweet Psalmist Of Israel: I. David Before Saul. Largo
06. Sweet Psalmist Of Israel: II. Invocation. Molto Calmato E Con Divozione Profunda
07. Sweet Psalmist Of Israel: III. A Song Of Degrees. Con Moto Solenne
08. Sweet Psalmist Of Israel: Vivo-Pesante-Molto Allargando-Animando

# Avodath Hakodesh (Sacred Service), for baritone, chorus & orchestra (or piano or organ)
Composed by Ernest Bloch
with Judah Cahn, Robert Merrill, New York Philharmonic
Conducted by Leonard Bernstein

# Song of Songs (4) for mezzo & orchestra
Composed by Lukas Foss
with Jennie Tourel, New York Philharmonic
Conducted by Leonard Bernstein

# Sweet Psalmist of Israel, for harpsichord, harp & orchestra, Nos 1-4, complete
Composed by Paul Ben Haim
with Sylvia Marlowe, New York Philharmonic, Christine Stavrache
Conducted by Leonard Bernstein

Memorable music performed by first-rate musicians and orchestra

The impact upon hearing the Ernest Bloch Scred Service over 25 years ago has never left me and I had to search long and hard to get this CD. You don’t need a drop of Jewish blood to recognize this as soul-stirring, second to none listening experience. The universal magic of music….Leonard Bernstein, the NY Philharmonic and Robert Merrill will stir you and leave an indelible impression.

Wish I could be as enthused about the Lukas Foss… not my cup of tea.

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