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Beatles’n’Choro (4 CD, APE)

Beatles'n'Choro (4 CD, APE)
Beatles'n'Choro (4 CD, APE)

Audio CD
Number of Discs: 4 CD
Format: APE (image+cue)
Size: 1.01 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Carlos Malta – Help
02. Hamilton de Holda – Something
03. Paulo Sergio Santos – The Fool on the Hill
04. Henrique Cazes – Day Tripper
05. Pildo Hora – Here There and Everywhere
06. Henrique Cazes, Marcello Concalves – Blackbird
07. Quarteto Maogani – While my Guitar Gently Weeps
08. Paulo Sergio Santos – When I’m Sixty-Four
09. Henrique Cazes – With a Little Help from my Friends
10. Pildo Hora – For no one
11. Hamilton de Holda – Eleanor Rigby
12. Carlos Malta – The long and Winding Road

01. Carlos Malta – You?re going to lose that girl
02. Henrique Cazes – In My Life
03. Pildo Hora – A Hard Day’s Night
04. Hamilton de Holda – Yesterday
05. Paulo Sergio Santos – Martha My Dear
06. Hamilton de Holda – I Want To Hold Your Hand
07. Marcello Concalves – She?s Leaving Home
08. Pildo Hora – If I Feel
09. Henrique Cazes – You Won’t See Me
10. Paulo Sergio Santos – Michelle
11.Hamilton de Holda – Here Comes The Sun
12.Carlos Malta – Come Together

01. Carlos Malta – I Fell Fine
02. Hamilton de Holda – Hey Jude
03. Hamilton de Holda – Honey Pie
04. Henrique Cazes – Got To Get You Into My Life
05. Pildo Hora – Do You Want To Know A Secret
06. Marcello Concalves – We Can Work It Out
07. Henrique Cazes – All My Loving
08. Hamilton de Holda – Wait
09. Henrique Cazes – Girl
10. Pildo Hora – Hello Goodbye
11. Hamilton de Holda – Mother Nature’s Son
12. Carlos Malta – Penny Lane

01. Carlos Malta – The Night Before
02. Hamilton de Holda – Ticket To Ride
03. Rildo Hora – Let It Be
04. Henrique Cazes – And I Love Her
05. Paulo Sergio Santos – I Will
06. Marcello Concalves, Henrique Cazes – Because
07. Hamilton de Holda -You Never Give Me Your Money
08. Rildo Hora – She Loves You
09. Paulo Sergio Santos – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
10. Hamilton de Holda – Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
11. Henrique Cazes – Nowhere Man
12. Carlos Malta – The Inner Light

TRadition meets innovation

This set of music by the Beatles is interpreted with the sensitivity of Brasilian traditions. Perhaps an excellent introduction to traditional Brasilian styles for westerners only moderately familiar with Brasilian music. All pieces are instrumental yet I hear the voices “inside” the instruments , which are as expressive as the singers ! The orchestration will sound innovative to a western ear. The original arrangements and rhythmic patterns are respected and blended with the samba roots . All pieces acquire an additional sense “swing” which is different than american jazz swing. A wonderful retrospective , precious anthology of soft rock rendered in sweet and samba-esque fashion .


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  1. Thank you! I love this site! :mrgreen: if you have any more stuff like that you should post it! I agree it sounds nice! Just some nice easy listening thrown in with all the slightly more “serious” music here! It’s nice to just relax and listen to something like this! with my next paycheck beer will be on the way! :grin:

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