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Arianna Vendittelli: Vivaldi – Cantate per soprano I (24/88 FLAC)

Arianna Vendittelli: Vivaldi - Cantate per soprano I (24/88 FLAC)

Arianna Vendittelli: Vivaldi – Cantate per soprano I (24/88 FLAC)

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Performer: Arianna Vendittelli, Abchordis Ensemble
Conductor: Andrea Buccarella
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Naïve
Catalogue: OP7257
Release: 2021
Size: 1.07 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Allor che lo sguardo, RV 650
01. I. Aria. Allor che lo sguardo
02. II. Recitativo. Pena così spietata
03. III. Aria. Perché saettarmi

Aure, voi più non siete, RV 652
04. I. Recitativo. Aure, voi più non siete
05. II. Aria. Ti confido il pianto mio
06. III. Recitativo. Infelice Daliso
07. IV. Aria. Le fiorite e belle sponde

Tra l’erbe i zeffiri, RV 669
08. I. Aria. Tra l’erbe i zeffiri
09. II. Recitativo. Voi rivi, augelli, venti
10. III. Aria. Nel mar la navicella

Sorge vermiglia in ciel la bella Aurora, RV 667
11. I. Recitativo. Sorge vermiglia in ciel la bella Aurora
12. II. Aria. Nasce il sole ed io sospiro
13. III. Recitativo. Ah Silvia tu sei quella
14. IV. Aria. Ardi, svena, impiaga, atterra

La farfalletta s’aggira al lume, RV 660
15. I. Aria. La farfalletta s’aggira al lume
16. III. Aria. Vedrò con nero velo
17. II. Recitativo. Silvia, tu quella sei

Si levi dal pensier, RV 665
18. I. Aria. Si levi dal pensier
19. II. Recitativo. Pastori vaghi e infidi
20. III. Aria. Vanne sull’Adria infido

This new recording in the Edition Vivaldi series – the first of two volumes dedicated to Vivaldi’s cantate da camera for soprano – displays the energetic vitality with which a new generation of artists in their thirties is encountering the baroque repertoire.

This sixty-eighth album of the Edition highlights the expressively powerful voice of the soloist, soprano Arianna Vendittelli, already heard in the operas Il Tamerlano (2020) and Il Giustino (2018) conducted by Ottavio Dantone, as well as the artistic vision and high standards of the harpsichordist, organist and conductor Andrea Buccarella, who in 2018 carried off the first prize at the Bruges International Early Music Competition with his Abchordis Ensemble.

In these six cantatas – of around thirty attributed to the Venetian master and composed between 1718 and the mid- 1730s – these artists display their enhanced vocal and instrumental artistry, and a profound understanding of Vivaldi’s scores.  No subtlety escapes these artists in their interpretation of this secular vocal genre, so fashionable during the 18th Century, and still being rediscovered today, with its alternating arias and recitatives. Love is the main subject, love in all its guises, demanding a wide expressive range, from the melancholy register of “Ti confide il pianto moi” (RV 652) to the tormented passion of “Perché saettarmi” (RV 650), via the two lighter arias of Tra l’erbe i zeffiri (RV 669), and the strikingly dramatic Sorge vermiglia in ciel la bella Aurora (RV 667) with its aria di furore, “Ardi svena, impiaga, atterra”.

Exuberantly joyous vocal virtuosity, mastery of the instrumental ensemble, ever-changing colours, rhythmic inventiveness and the playfully diverse timbre of the continuo: everything combines to make this set of vivid, brief tableaux seem like miniature operas: they must surely count among Vivaldi’s most beautiful theatrical works.

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