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Anna Netrebko – In the Still of Night (FLAC)

Anna Netrebko - In the Still of Night (FLAC)
Anna Netrebko - In the Still of Night (FLAC)

Performer: Anna Netrebko
Conductor: Daniel Barenboim
Composer: Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Size: 291 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Four Songs, Op.40 – No.3 O Chem V Tishi Nochey
02. Four Songs, Op.27 – No.4 Prosti! Ne Pomni Dney Naden’ya
03. Vesnoy, Op.43 – No.2 Ne Veter, Veya S Vïsotï
04. Vesnoy, Op.43 – No.1 Zvonche Zhavoronka Pen’ye
05. Four Songs, Op.3 – No.4 Na Kholmakh Gruzii
06. Six Songs, Op.8 – No.5 V Tsarstvo Rozï I Vina
07. Four Songs, Op.26 – No.4 Pesnya Zyuleyki
08. Four Songs, Op.2 – No.2 Plenivshis’ Rozoy, Solovey
09. Four Songs, Op.42 – No.3 Redeyet Obklakov Letuchaya Gryada
10. Two Songs, Op.56 – No.1 Nimfa 3:25
11. Two Songs, Op.56 – No.2 Son V Letnyuyu Noch’
12. Shest’ Romansov (Six Romances), Op.57 – No.1 Skazhi, O Chom V Teni Vetvey
13. Zabït Tak Skoro (1870)
14. Dvenadtsat’ Romansov (Twelve Romances), Op.60 – No.6 Nochy Bezumnïye
15. Shest’ Romansov (Six Romances), Op.6 – No.5 Otchevo?
16. Shest’ Romansov (Six Romances), Op.63 – No.6 Serenada
17. Shest’ Romansov (Six Romances), Op.16 – No.1 Kolïbel’naya Pesnaya
18. Sem’ Romansov (Seven Romances), Op.47 – No.7 Ya Li V Pole Da Ne Travushka Bïla
19. Shest’ Romansov (Six Romances), Op. 73 – No.5 Sred Mrachnïkh Dnei
20. Sem’ Romansov (Seven Romances), Op.47 – No.6 Den Li Tsarit?
21. Ciganské Melodie (Gypsy Melodies), Op.55 – Sung In German – 4. Als Die Alte Mutter
22. Vier Lieder, Op.27 – 2. Cäcilie

As always, exceptionally beautiful

After putting out the standard Puccini/Verdi arias albums, Netrebko has released two stunning albums of Russian songs. Yes, she has a language advantage over the majority of singers of this repertoire, but the nuances and beauty of her voice shine through, as no other soprano. It is also a treat to hear these songs, adequately accompanied by Barenboim, because they are not recorded that often. Since childhood I have been a sucker for ‘Songs My Mother Taught Me’ (Dvorak), and it brought tears to my eyes to hear her sing it. She is an exceptional artist in all respects.

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