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Scholl: Handel – Ombra mai fu (APE)

Scholl: Handel - Ombra mai fu (APE)
Scholl: Handel - Ombra mai fu (APE)

Composer: George Frideric Handel
Orchestra: Alessandro Scarlatti Orchestra
Performer: Andreas Scholl
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Harmonia Mundi
Size: 343 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

01. Admeto, Rè di Tessaglia: Ouverture
02. Admeto, Rè di Tessaglia: Ballo di Larve
03. Admeto, Rè di Tessaglia: Recitativo accompagnato “Orride larve”
04. Admeto, Rè di Tessaglia: Aria “Chiudetevi, miei lumi” (I, 1)
05. Serse: Sinfonia Akademie Für Alte Musik Berlin
06. Serse: Recitativo “Frondi tenere”
07. Serse: Aria “Ombra mai fù” (I, 1)
08. Giulio Cesare: Aria “Se in fiorito ameno prato” (II, 2)
09. Giulio Cesare: Gigue
10. Giulio Cesare: Aria “Va tacito” (I, 9)
11. Radamisto, instr. Suite: I. Passacaille
12. Radamisto, instr. Suite: II. Gigue
13. Radamisto, instr. Suite: III. Passepied
14. Radamisto, instr. Suite: IV. Rigaudon
15. Rodelinda: Sinfonia – Recitativo “Pompe vane di omrte”
16. Rodelinda: Aria “Dove sei?” (I, 6)
17. Rodelinda: Sinfonia
18. Rodelinda: Accompagnato “Sí, l’infida consorte”
19. Rodelinda: Aria “Confusa si miri” (I, 11)
20. Alcina. Aria “Verdi prati” (II, 1)
21. Alexander’s Feast, concerto grosso: I. Allegro
22. Alexander’s Feast, concerto grosso: II. Largo
23. Alexander’s Feast, concerto grosso: III. Allegro
24. Alexander’s Feast, concerto grosso: IV. Andante non presto

7 thoughts on “Scholl: Handel – Ombra mai fu (APE)”

  1. Many thanks for this recording… although not exactly as Händel wrote it, I’ve enjoyed a 78rpm performance of Gigli singing “Ombra mai fù” for many years… it will be an interesting comparison!

  2. It is true. Many times I download music not for listening immediatly and plans to listen in the next future. I regret not having appreciated all your work in sharing this masterpiece.

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