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An Evening at the Theatre (24/96 FLAC)

An Evening at the Theatre (24/96 FLAC)

An Evening at the Theatre (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Jacob van Eyck, Tobias Hume, William Lawes, Matthew Locke, Nicola Matteis, John Playford
Performer: Jeanne Zaepffel, Yvan Garcia, Isabelle Brouzes, Sandrine Dupé, The Theater of Music
Conductor: Marion Fermé
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Ramée
Catalogue: RAM2002
Release: 2021
Size: 1.4 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Lawes: Eerste Carileen
02. Matteis the Elder: Aria ad imitatione della trombetta
03. Matteis the Elder: La Constanza
04. Matteis the Elder: Arietta
05. anon.: When Daphne from Fair Phoebus Did Flie
06. Eyck: Doen Daphne
07. anon.: Wilson’s Love
08. Playford: Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
09. Playford: Coxe Dance
10. Playford: A Dance
11. Playford: The Fox Hunter
12. Playford: The Merry Blacksmith
13. Playford: O’Neil’s March
14. Playford: A Frolic
15. Hume: Loves farewell
16. anon.: John come kiss me now
17. Matteis the Elder: Giga: Al Genio Turchesco
18. Matteis the Elder: Corrente da orecchie – Corrente da piedi
19. Matteis the Elder: Il Rossignolo
20. anon.: The Furies
21. Matteis the Elder: Jigg prestissimo
22. anon.: The Apes at the Temple
23. Lawes: Tweede Carileen

Locke: Suite In E Minor
24. I. Pavan
25. II. Ayre
26. III. Corant
27. IV. Saraband

28. Matteis the Elder: Passagio Rotto
29. Matteis the Elder: Sarabanda amorosa
30. Matteis the Elder: Gavotta con divisione
31. Matteis the Elder: Scaramuccia
32. Playford: Newcastle
33. Playford: Hockley in the Hole
34. Playford: The Blackthorn Stick
35. Playford: The Country Coll
36. Playford: Newcastle (Fast)
37. Playford: Goddesses
38. Playford: Kemps Jegg
39. Playford: The fine companion
40. Playford: Goddesses (Fast)
41. anon.: The Cuckold Come Out of the Amrey / Robertson’s Rant

An Evening at the Theatre is a reconstruction of the musical part of a masque as it might have been performed in a London theatre around 1685. The English masque, inspired in part by the commedia dell’arte and French ballet, was a courtly entertainment combining instrumental music, dance, theatre, song and pantomime; it enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1560 and 1640, during the reigns of Elizabeth I and Charles I. English art music, John Playford’s country dances and Scottish folk music had their place in the same musical event. The antemasque, a ‘Spectacle of Strangeness’, where grotesque costumes and exaggerated gestures by professional actors were used to embody witches, furies and exotic animals, was played in the midst of the performance. Our programme bears the traces of this courtly musical heritage but is set in a later period during which musical styles were in transition.

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