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Amir Katz – Hommage a Liszt (24/96 FLAC)

Amir Katz - Hommage a Liszt (24/96 FLAC)

Amir Katz – Hommage a Liszt (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Ferencz Liszt
Performer: Amir Katz
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Orfeo
Release: 2020
Size: 2.08 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Three Concert Studies, S144 / R5: Un lamento; La leggierezza; Un sospiro
01. No. 1 in A-Flat Major. Il lamento
02. No. 2 in F Minor. La leggierezza
03. No. 3 in D-Flat Major. Un sospiro

Two Concert Studies, S145 / R6: Gnomenreigen; Waldesrauschen
04. No. 1, Waldesrauschen
05. No. 2, Gnomenreigen

06. Ab Irato, S143

Grandes Études de Paganini (6), S. 141
07. No. 1 in G minor
08. No. 2 in E-Flat Major
09. No. 3 in G-Sharp Minor
10. No. 4 in E Major
11. No. 5 in E Major
12. No. 6 in A Minor

13. Réminiscences de “Don Juan” (after Mozart), S. 418

Transcendental Studies, S139 Nos. 1-12
14. No. 1, Preludio
15. No. 2, Molto vivace
16. No. 3, Paysage
17. No. 4, Mazeppa
18. No. 5, Feux follets
19. No. 6, Vision
20. No. 7, Eroica
21. No. 8, Wilde Jagd
22. No. 9, Ricordanza
23. No. 10, Presto molto agitato
24. No. 11, Harmonies du soir
25. No. 12, Chasse neige

Liszts Études represent a peak in the history of piano writing. Beyond the tremendous technical difficulties, Liszts Études are poetic works, études tableaux, suggesting programme music influenced by literature, painting, and folklore as can be identified by titles such as Mazeppa, Wilde Jagd, Gnomenreigen or Feux follets. Similar to Schumann, Liszt added those lyrical appellations as an afterthought to stimulate the fantasy of both the listener and the performer, thus paving the path to modern piano playing as we know it today. I have chosen to bring here authentic testimonies regarding the Études from the late masterclasses he gave in Weimar, Pest, and Rome in the early eighties of the 19th century, just a few years before his death in 1886. The testimonies are given by his students Carl Lachmund, August Göllerich, Vianna da Motta and Arthur Friedheim. These precious testimonies provide us with an original and inspired illustration that faithfully represents Liszts masterclasses and his vocations.

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