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Alice Sara Ott: Chopin – Complete Waltzes (FLAC)

Alice Sara Ott: Chopin - Complete Waltzes (FLAC)
Alice Sara Ott: Chopin - Complete Waltzes (FLAC)

Composer: Frederic Francois Chopin
Performer: Alice Sara Ott
Audio CD (January 26, 2010)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Size: 191 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Waltz No.1 In E Flat, Op.18 -”Grande Valse Brillante”
02. Waltz No.2 In A Flat, Op.34 No.1 – ”Valse Brillante”
03. Waltz No.3 In A Minor, Op.34 No.2
04. Waltz No.4 In F, Op.34 No.3
05. Waltz No.5 In A Flat, Op.42 – ”Grande Valse”
06. Waltz No.6 In D Flat, Op.64 No.1 -”Minute”
07. Waltz No.7 In C Sharp Minor, Op.64 No.2
08. Waltz No.8 In A Flat, Op.64 No.3
09. Waltz No.9 In A Flat, Op.69 No.1 -”Farewell”
10. Waltz No.10 In B Minor, Op.69 No.2
11. Waltz No.11 In G Flat, Op.70 No.1
12. Waltz No.12 In F Minor/A Flat, Op.70 No.2
13. Waltz No.13 In D Flat, Op.70 No.3
14. Waltz In A Flat Opus Posth. Kk4A No.13
15. Waltz In E Flat Opus Posth. Kk4b No.10 – Sostenuto
16. Waltz In E Flat Opus Posth. Kk4A No.14
17. Waltz In E Opus Posth. Kk4A No.12
18. Waltz In E Minor Opus Posth. Kk4A No.15
19. Waltz In A Minor Opus Posth. Kk4B No.11 – Allegretto

Beautiful Chopin, clear recording

What makes Ott’s Chopin musically valid is that she avoids BANGING the keyboard, there is a graceful lilt, parlor room suave quality, lyrical exploration, excellent fingering and attention to phrasing. Quite tuneful, graceful, serene. No point in the Apples to Oranges comparison thinking. She isn’t Dinu Lipatti, or Pires, nor Rubinstein AD INFINITUM. This is Alice Sara Ott’s interpretation (like it or leave it) of Chopin. She has chosen a tranquil, contemplative mood at the piano. Never rushing tempi, nor overlooking detail. The Waltzes are always under control, colorful, technically assured, involving. There will always be a few versions of Chopin Waltzes in anyone’s collection: historical figures, preferred pianists, recordings of varying quality – but for a pianist who plays light on 2 and 3 and is keen to upper key detail, this recording can fit in anyones collection.

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  1. i found this record through the film “racing with the moon”…a brilliant film, and an even more brilliant record by this outstanding artist! thanks, whatever!

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