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Wilson – Fanfares (24/96 FLAC)

Wilson - Fanfares (24/96 FLAC)

Wilson – Fanfares (24/96 FLAC)

Performer: Onyx Brass
Conductor: John Wilson
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Chandos
Size: 907 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Fanfare for Schools by Herbert Howells
Festival Fanfare by Malcolm Arnold
Kingston Fanfare by Malcolm Arnold
Brilliant Fanfares (6): No. 4 by Frederic Curzon
Fanfare for a Festival by Elisabeth Lutyens
Hosting at Dawn Fanfare by Arnold Bax
Fanfare for a Cheerful Occasion by Arnold Bax
Fanfares (2) for Show Business by Arnold Bax
Royal Wedding Fanfares (2) by Arnold Bax
Salute to Sydney by Arnold Bax
Graduation Fanfare No. 2 by Joseph Horovitz

01. Fanfare for Schools (Arr. for Brass Ensemble & Percussion)
02. Festival Fanfare
03. Kingston Fanfare
04. A Richmond Fanfare
05. Railway Fanfare
06. Fanfare for a Royal Occasion
07. Fanfare to Precede the National Anthem
08. God Save the Queen (Arr. A. Bliss for Brass Ensemble)
09. The Right of the Line Fanfare
10. Fanfare for the Princess Anne
11. High Sheriff’s Fanfare
12. A Salute to Painting Fanfare
13. Research Fanfare
14. Peace Fanfare
15. Let the People Sing Fanfare
16. 6 Brilliant Fanfares: No. 1 “Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion”
17. Fanfare for Heroes
18. Homage to Shakespeare Fanfare
19. Birthday Fanfare for Sir Henry Wood
20. Fanfare No. 3
21. Fanfare No. 4 “The Wolf Trap Fanfare”
22. Fanfare for 4 Trumpets
23. Fanfare No. 1
24. Fanfare No. 2
25. 6 Brilliant Fanfares: Fanfare No. 3
26. 6 Fanfares (Arr. M. Roberts): No. 1, Con spirito
27. 6 Fanfares (Arr. M. Roberts): No. 2, Moderato
28. 6 Fanfares (Arr. M. Roberts): No. 3, Moderato
29. 6 Fanfares (Arr. M. Roberts): No. 4, Moderato
30. 6 Fanfares (Arr. M. Roberts): No. 5, Moderato
31. 6 Fanfares (Arr. M. Roberts): No. 6, Con spirito e ritmico
32. Fanfare for Thaxted
33. Fanfare for the Grenadier Guards
34. Leiston Suite: I. Entry Music. Brilliant & Energetic
35. Leiston Suite: II. Jig. Quick & Light
36. Leiston Suite: III. Interlude. Cheerful & Energetic
37. Leiston Suite: IV. Slow Air. Very Slow & Expressive
38. Leiston Suite: V. March, to the Tune of Kettle-Drum. Cheerful & Energetic
39. Coronation Fanfare
40. Fanfare for a Naval Occasion No. 1
41. Fanfare for a Naval Occasion No. 2
42. Fanfare for Victory
43. Fanfare for the Royal Artillery
44. Short Fanfare for the Air Force
45. Fanfare for a Ceremonial Occasion
46. Fanfare
47. 6 Brilliant Fanfares: No. 5 “Fanfare for a Merry Occasion”
48. 6 Brilliant Fanfares: No. 6 “Westminster”
49. 6 Brilliant Fanfares: No. 4, —
50. Fanfare for a Festival
51. Hosting at Dawn Fanfare (Arr. G. Parlett for Brass Ensemble)
52. Fanfare for a Cheerful Occasion
53. 2 Fanfares for Show Business: No. 1, Moderato – Allargando
54. 2 Fanfares for Show Business: No. 2, Con brio
55. Royal Wedding Fanfares: No. 1, Con brio
56. Royal Wedding Fanfares: No. 2, Moderato
57. Salute to Sydney
58. Graduation Fanfare No. 2

Among all the many Chandos brass recordings, each release having played a major role in the label’s successful history, this one may well be the loudest. In the vast acoustic of St Jude’s Church, London, rendered in surround-sound, and in the largest ensemble format to which it has ever expanded, Onyx Brass, under the energetic direction of John Wilson, brings together four dozen fanfares by fourteen British composers of the past century and a half. Including works by Arnold, Bax, Bliss, Imogen Holst Ketèlbey, and Tippett – with numerous premiere recordings, this album is an unmissable celebration of stirring, brilliant, joyous, exciting, varied, sometimes military, and always optimistic music.

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