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The Launy Grøndahl Legacy vol.2 (FLAC)

The Launy Grøndahl Legacy vol.2 (FLAC)

The Launy Grøndahl Legacy vol.2 (FLAC)

Composer: Launy Grøndahl
Performer: Thorkild Graae Jørgensen, Milton Seibæk, Carl Bloch, Ingbert Michelsen
Orchestra: Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Launy Grøndahl
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Danacord
Release: 2020
Size: 356 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: cover

Trombone Concerto
01. I. Moderato assai ma molto maestoso
02. II. Quasi una legenda. Andante grave
03. III. Finale. Maestoso

Violin Concerto, Op. 6
04. I. Allegro non troppo
05. II. Nocturne. Andante, molto cantabile
06. III. Finale. Allegretto, vivace

Bassoon Concerto
07. I. Allegro moderato
08. II. Adagio quasi una fantasia
09. III. Rondo giocoso

10. Pan and Syrinx, Op. 5

Horn Concerto
11. I. Allegro, molto moderato, maestoso
12. II. Tranquillo e semplice
13. III. Tempo di marcia, moderato

Symphony, Op. 9
14. I. Andantino con molto moto – Allegro con molto passione
15. II. Intermezzo. Allegretto con moto
16. III. Allegro non troppo maestoso e brillante – Andantino com molto passione

Danish conductor and composer Launy Grøndahl (1886-1960) was the leading figure developing the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra all from the very first beginning of the orchestra in the 1920s until his retirement in 1956. He was also a truly original composer with links to Carl Nielsen and back to Mendelssohn, however with a certain flair for the French impressionism. The new series of releases will contain every single recording which can be found of Grøndahl, both live and studio recordings as well as his commercial releases. The present volume invites us into the rhapsodic, mercurial world of Launy Grøndahl: featuring four concertos, a tone-poem and a symphony, covering the whole span of this Danish conductor-composer’s creative output.

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