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The Best of Peter Sculthorpe (FLAC)

The Best of Peter Sculthorpe (FLAC)

The Best of Peter Sculthorpe (FLAC)

Composer: Peter Sculthorpe
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: ABC Classics
Size: 258 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Peter Sculthorpe is one of Australia’s most well known composers. And rightly so, his music can be very beautiful, moving, intense, soaring and hypnotic. He is famous for the idea that Australian music should “look to Asia”, to create an Australian voice. So on this CD, we hear a Japanese melody and Balinese rhythms and other Asian-inspired elements which he has incorporated [appropriated?] in his music, in a very “classical music” context. He also uses Aboriginal melodies and rhythms. One of these is the main theme of the piece for percussion ensemble “Djilile” (track 6).

“Best of Peter Sculthorpe” covers a range of genres: brass band, orchestra, strings, percussion ensemble, choir and concerto are all represented. And the disc also gives a good feeling for the range in Sculthorpe’s style – from the dry and shimmering “Sun Music III” (which is probably the most “difficult” selection included) to the joyful, medieval-like A cappella Christmas carol “Awake Glad Heart”. There is also a rather saccharine arrangement of Australia’s national anthem, “Advance Australia Fair” (which I normally have to skip, but the lushness of this track might appeal to some.)

This CD makes an excellent introduction to Peter Sculthorpe’s music. — dame ethel

01. The Fifth Continent: Small Town
02. Little Serenade
03. Sun Music Iii
04. Piano Concerto: Calmo
05. Earth Cry
06. Djilile
07. Awake, Glad Heart
08. Sonata For Strings No.3
09. Child Of Australia
10. Advance Australia Fair
11. Port Arthur: In Memorium

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