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The Alhambra: A Musical Tour (FLAC)

The Alhambra: A Musical Tour (FLAC)

The Alhambra: A Musical Tour (FLAC)

Composer: Claude Achille Debussy, Manuel de Falla, Alonso Mudarra, Santiago de Murcia, Joaquín Turina y Perez, Juan Vasquez
Performer: Atrium Musicae De Madrid, Alia Mvsica, Dufay Collective, Eric Bellocq, Ensemble Clément Janequin, Dominique Visse, Massimo Moscardo, Matthieu Lusson, Alain Planès, Albert Guinovart, Bernarda Fink, Javier Perianes
Orchestra: Orquesta Ciudad De Granada
Conductor: Gregorio Paniagua, Miguel Sanchez, Alonso Mudarra, Josep Pons
Number of Discs: 2
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: HMX290855455
Catalogue: HMX290855455
Release: 2016
Size: 709 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Arab-Andalusian music
01. M’saddar
02. M’shalya
03. Sana’a – Touchia
04. Sana’a
05. M’saddar – Sana’a
06. Taqsim
07. M’shalya – Touchia – Sana’a

El Canto espiritual judeoespañol
08. Noche de aljad
09. Ki ešmerá šabat
10. La fragua del estudio
11. Dodí yarad leganó
12. La ketubá de la ley

anon.: Music for Alfonso the Wise
13. Tant aos peccadores
14. Todo los santos
15. Que muyto meu pago
16. Martin jograr

17. Mudarra: Fantasia del quarto tono
18. Vasquez: Gentil senora mia
19. Vasquez: Cavallero, queraysme dexar
20. Murcia: Jácaras por la E

CD 02
01. Debussy: Estampe No. 2 – La soirée dans Grenade

Turina: Danzas gitanas Op. 55
02. I. Zambra
03. II. Danza de seducción
04. III. Danza ritual

Turina: Cinco Danzas Gitanas, Op. 55
05. Generalife
06. Sacro-monte

07. Falla: El pan de Ronda que sabe a verdad
08. Falla: Tus ojillos negros
09. Falla: Cuatro piezas españolas: IV. Andaluza. Vivo
10. Falla: La vida breve, Acto II Cuadro primero. Escena I: Danza
11. Falla: Siete canciones populares españolas: V. Nana
12. Falla: Nocturno

Falla: Noches en los jardines de España
13. I. En el Generalife. Allegretto tranquillo e misterioso
14. II. Danza lejana. Allegretto giusto
15. III. En los jardines de la sierra de Cordoba. Vivo

Debussy: Préludes, deuxième livre, L. 123
16. III. La puerta del vino

Released in 2016, this compilation of recordings made between 1976 and 2011 resurrects a dreamed-of Spain, when peoples and religions enjoyed a harmonious exchange prior to the Reconquista.

The first part of this double album presents the incredible Spanish cultural melting pot: Judeo-Arabic influences mingle with music written for Alfonso X the Wise of Castile. The second part is devoted to how this dead Spain was imagined by musicians from the beginning of the twentieth century, such as Debussy, Turina and Manuel de Falla. To this list we might also add Maurice Ravel, another figure who was particularly sensitive to Spanish influences.

It is with a certain pleasure that we return to the Atrium Musicae in Madrid, which was run by that fiendish musician, the pioneer Gregorio Paniagua, half-musicologist, half-fantastical inventor of a vanished world. All the ambiance of Arab-Andalusian music is reflected in this 1976 recording, which also features works by Miguel Sánchez, The Dufay Collective and Clément Janequin, conducted by Dominique Visse. The second album brings together pianists Alain Planès, Albert Guinovart, Anthony Spiri, Javier Perianes and mezzo-soprano Bernarda Fink. If Nights in the Gardens of Spain (by Falla) is also missing, it is because the material is very rich and the list could be added to endlessly…

From the Arab conquest to the 20th century, Granada was at once the centre and the object of intense musical creation, embodied in the emblematic Alhambra Palace and its gardens, the subjects of musical fantasies of all kinds. It was a fascination shared by those who actually visited those places (Isaac Albéniz, Joaquín Turina) and those who went there in their imagination (Manuel de Falla, Claude Debussy). From the Puerta del Vino to the Albaicín by way of the Generalife, this selection invites you to discover a thousand years of musical magic.

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