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Ryo Noda – Les yeux clos (FLAC)

Ryo Noda - Les yeux clos (FLAC)

Ryo Noda – Les yeux clos (FLAC)

Composer: Ryo Noda
Performer: Ryo Noda, Paweł Gusnar, Gordan Tudor, Andreas van Zoelen
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: DUX
Release: 2021
Size: 286 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Secret Garden No. 1
02. Zen No. 1
03. Kocho no mai
04. Zen No. 2
05. Ryoanji No. 2
06. Dance Dance Dance
07. Midnight in Warsaw
08. Zen No. 3
09. Promenade près d’Argenteuil
10 .The Day of Split
11. Les yeux clos

Pièces (3) inspirées des tableaux du Douanier Rousseau ‘Yume’
12. No. 1, The Dream
13. No. 2, La charmeuse de serpents
14. No. 3, The War

15. Secret Garden No. 2

This new release features the music of Ryo Noda, Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Art Therapy Course, Art and Primary Education Department, Faculty of Arts, Osaka University of Arts, Music-Kinetic Therapist, composer, saxophone player, and Director of the Japan Coma Society. As a composer, he produced and performed educational works such as ballet, theatrical performances, and audio-visual education at the request of the French Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education, and performed in a contemporary Noh play Kiyotsune, a work commissioned by the French Broadcasting Station and National Museum of Modern Arts in Paris.
His public performances in New York and Montreal, sponsored by the Japan Foundation were critically acclaimed in “Le Monde” and “The New York Times”. He was also invited by the Asian Cultural Council and Asia Society, New York to give recitals of his own works, and at the same time, deepened friendships with John Cage, Philip Glass, and other contemporary composers.

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