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Roth: The Panufnik Legacies II (24/96 FLAC)

Roth: The Panufnik Legacies II (24/96 FLAC)

Roth: The Panufnik Legacies II (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Kim Ashton, Leo Chadburn, Edmund Finnis, Larry Goves, Matthew Kaner, Colin Matthews, Christopher Mayo, James Moriarty, Andrezej Panufnik, Aaron Parker, Alastair Putt, Evis Sammoutis, Anjula Semmens, Duncan Ward, Max de Wardener, Elizabeth Winters, Raymond Yiu, Toby Young
Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: François-Xavier Roth
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: LSO
Release: 2016
Size: 1.27 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Panufnik: Panufnik Variations: Theme “Universal Prayer” (Orch. Matthews)
02. Matthews: Panufnik Variations: Variation 1
03. Wardener: Panufnik Variations: Variation 2
04. Sammoutis: Panufnik Variations: Variation 3
05. Mayo: Panufnik Variations: Variation 4
06. Young: Panufnik Variations: Variation 5
07. Winters: Panufnik Variations: Variation 6
08. Goves: Panufnik Variations: Variation 7
09. Yiu: Panufnik Variations: Variation 8
10. Semmens: Panufnik Variations: Variation 9
11. Finnis: Panufnik Variations: Variation 10
12. Matthews: Panufnik Variations: Variation 11. Finale
13. Ward: P-p-paranoia
14. Putt: Spiral

Parker: Captured
15. I
16. II
17. III
18. IV

19. Ashton: Spindrift

Moriarty: Granular Fragments
20. I. Approach-Recession
21. II. Invention (primarily in 2 parts)
22. III. Harmony in the Mist

23. Ogonek: As Though Birds
24. Chadburn: Brown Leather Sofa
25. El-Turk: Tmesis

Kaner: The Calligrapher’s Manuscript
26. I
27. II

LSO Live present an album of new works by emerging composers, all of whom have been members of the Panufnik Composers Scheme. Devised by the LSO in association with Lady Panufnik in memory of her late husband, the composer Sir Andrzej Panufnik, the Scheme began in 2005 and each year offers six composers the opportunity to write a three minute piece for the LSO. The pieces featured on this release were recorded by the Orchestra at LSO St Luke’s under the baton of François-Xavier Roth, a conductor renowned for his interpretations of contemporary music.

Following on from The Panufnik Legacies, a release which presented works by composers from across the first five years of the Scheme, this recording showcases the works of selected composers from across the first ten years of the Scheme alongside Panufnik Variations, a project that brings together Colin Matthews and Panufnik Scheme graduates. Taking a theme from Sir Andrzej Panufnik’s Universal Prayer as a starting-point, the work features a series of variations showcasing the sounds and styles of Panufnik Scheme alumni Max de Wardener, Evis Sammoutis, Christopher Mayo, Toby Young, Elizabeth Winters, Larry Goves, Raymond Yiu, Anjula Semmens and Edmund Finnis, bookended by an opening and conclusion by Colin Matthews.

Also featured on this release are works by Kim B Ashton, Leo Chadburn, Bushra El-Turk, Matthew Kaner, James Moriarty, Elizabeth Ogonek, Aaron Parker, Alastair Putt and Duncan Ward.

Colin Matthews says of the Panufnik project, ‘A real relationship develops, which continues beyond the scheme itself, so that we feel that a ‘Panufnik family’ has been established…. What is remarkable to me is the unity that has emerged from this project : a tribute both to the inspiration provided by Andrzej Panufnik, and to the faith that the LSO has shown in the Panufnik Scheme.’

The Panufnik Scheme is generously supported by The Boltini Trust & The Helen Hamlyn Trust.

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