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Pinnock: Handel – Belshazzar (3 CD box set, APE)

Pinnock - Handel: Belshazzar (3CD boxset, APE)

Composer: George Frideric Handel
Orchestra: The English Concert
Conductor: Trevor Pinnock
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 3 CD box set
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Archiv
Size: 741 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Overture
02. Accompagnato ed Arioso ‘Vain, fluctuating state of human empire!’ (Nitocris)
03. Air ‘Thou, God most high, and Thou alone’ (Nitocris)
04. Recitativo ‘The fate of Babylon, I fear, is nigh’ (Nitocris, Daniel)
05. Air ‘Lament not thus, oh Queen, in vain!’ (Daniel)
06. Chorus ‘Behold, by Persia’s hero made’ (Babylonians)
07. Recitativo ‘Well may they laugh’; Accompagnato ‘Oh memory! Still bitter to my soul’ (Gobrias, Cyrus)
08. Air ‘Opprest with never-ceasing grief’ (Gobrias)
09. Air ‘Dry thoes unavailing tears’ (Cyrus)
10. Resitativo ‘Be comforted: safe though the tyrant seem’; Accompagnato ‘Methought, as on the bank of deep Euphrates’ (Cyrus)
11. Recitativo ‘Now, tell me, Gobrias’ (Cyrus, Gobrias)
12. Air ‘Behold the monstrous human beast’ (Gobrias)
13. Recitativo ‘Can you then think it strange’ (Cyrus)
14. Air ‘Great God! who, yet but darkly known’ (Cyrus)
15. Recitativo ‘My friends, be confident’ (Cyrus)
16. Chorus ‘All empires upon God depend’
17. Air ‘Oh scared oracles of Truth!’ (Daniel)
18. Accompagnato ‘Rejoice, my countrymen’; Air ‘Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus’ (Daniel)
19. Chorus, ‘Sing oh ye heav’ns’

01. Act I, Scene 4 – Let festal joy triumphant reign! (Belshazzar)
02. For you, my friends (Belshazzar, Nitocris)
03. The leafy honours of the field (Nitocris)
04. It is the custom, I may say, the law (Belshazzar, Nitocris)
05. Recall, oh king! thy rash command (Jews)
06. They tell you true (Belshazzar, Nitocris)
07. Oh dearer than my life, forbear! (Belshazzar, Nitocris)
08. By slow degrees the wrath of God (Jews)
09. Act II, Scene 1 – See, from his post Euphrates flies! (Chorus)
10. You see, my friends, a path (Cyrus)
11. Amaz’d to find the foe so near (Cyrus)
12. To arms, to arms! no more delay! (Persians)
13. Act II, Scene 2 – Ye tutelar gods of our empire (Chorus)
14. Let the deep bowl thy praise confess (Belshazzar)
15. Where is the God of Judah’s boasted pow’r (Belshazzar, Chorus)
16. Call all my Wise Men (Belshazzar)

01. A Sinfony
02. Ye sages! welcome always to your king – Alas! too hard a task the king imposes (Belshazzar)
03. Oh misery! – oh terror! – hopeless grief (Chorus)
04. Oh king! live for ever! (Belshazzar, Nitocris)
05. No! to thyself thy trifles be (Daniel)
06. Yet, to obey his dread command (Daniel)
07. Oh sentence too severe! – Regard, oh son, my flowing tears (Nitocris)
08. Act II, Scene 3 – Oh God of Truth! oh faithful guide! (Cyrus)
09. You, Gobrias, lead directry to the palace (Cyrus)
10. Oh glorious prince! (Chorus)
11. Act III, Scene 1 – Alternate hopes and fears (Nitocris)
12. Fain would I hope (Nitocris, Daniel)
13. Can the black Aethiop change his skin (Daniel)
14. My hopes revive (Nitocris, Arioch, Messenger)
15. Bel boweth down (Jews)
16. Act III, Scene 2 – I thank thee, Sesach (Belshazzar)
17. A Martial Symphony
18. Act III, Scene 3 – To pow’r immortal my first thanks (Gobrias)
19. Be it thy care, good Gobrias – Destructive War, thy limits know (Cyrus)
20. Great victor, at your feet I bow (Nitocris, Cyrus)
21. Say, venerable prophet (Cyrus, Daniel)
22. Tell it out among the heathen (Soli & Chorus)
23. Yes, I will build thy city (Cyrus)
24. I will magnify thee (Cyrus, Daniel, Nitocris)

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