Oostenrijk, Vriend: Vivaldi - Concertos for Oboe, Strings & Basso Continuo (SACD)
Oostenrijk, Vriend: Vivaldi – Concertos for Oboe, Strings & Basso Continuo (SACD)

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Performer: Pauline Oostenrijk
Orchestra: Baroque Academy of The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Jan Willem de Vriend
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: DSD64 (DSF tracks)
Label: Challenge
Size: 4.31 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Concerto in a minor RV 463
01. I. Allegro
02. II. Largo
03. III. Allegro

Concerto in C major RV 450
04. I. Allegro molto
05. II. Larghetto
06. III. Allegro

Concerto in a minor RV 461
07. I. Allegro non molto
08. II. Larghetto
09. III. Allegro

Concerto in d minor per Archi e Cembalo RV 127
10. I. Allegro
11. II. Largo
12. III. Allegro

Concerto in F major RV 457
13. I. Allegro non molto
14. II. Andante
15. III. Allegro molto

Concerto in d minor RV 454
16. I. Allegro (moderato)
17. II. Largo
18. III. Allegro

Concerto in F major RV 455
19. I. (Allegro)*
20. II. (Grave)*
21. III. (Allegro)*

* no tempo indication in manuscript

In Vivaldi’s oeuvre, there is only one composition of which we are totally certain it was written for Pelegrina. Above the manuscript of the Sonata for oboe, violin, chalumeau and organ, RV 779, Vivaldi wrote the names of the girls for whom the piece was intended: Pelegrina dall’ Obo, Prudenza dal Contralto, Candida dalla Viola and Lucietta Organista*. But since Pelegrina was by far the most accomplished oboist when Vivaldi worked at the Ospedale (the only other oboist mentioned in the archives is one Susanna, in 1726), we can assume that a number of the oboe concertos featured on this CD were also written for, and performed by, Pelegrina. And that is why I would like to dedicate this recording to her.

To you, Pelegrina dall’ Obo, who came into this world with so little; but who managed to breathe colour and lustre into life with that beautiful, yet so obstinate, double-reed instrument; and who inspired one of the greatest Baroque composers to create little gems we can enjoy to this very day.

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