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Matthias Krüger – Ain’t Nuthin’ but Fairy Dust (24/48 FLAC)

Matthias Krüger - Ain't Nuthin' but Fairy Dust (24/48 FLAC)

Matthias Krüger – Ain’t Nuthin’ but Fairy Dust (24/48 FLAC)

Composer: Matthias Krüger
Performer: Ensemble Ascolta, Nicholas Kok, Ensemble BRuCH, Ensemble Inverspace
Orchestra: WDR Sinfonieorchester
Conductor: Elena Schwarz
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Wergo
Catalogue: WER64352
Release: 2021
Size: 644 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. le vide à perdre
02. Wie ein Stück Fett (Redux)
03. Bellygoat Boom (substrate)
04. Sweep Over Me Them Dusty Bristles

On his portrait recording Matthias Krüger searches for truth and identity. In his works, musical and non-musical elements and quotations fuse into a steady stream. This results in a seemingly never ending musical network of associations. The composer refers likewise to classical music, old philosophy and pop culture. According to booklet author Bastian Zimmermann: „In Krüger’s music, nothing is safe from becoming the beginning or the end of a musical idea”.

The ensemble piece le vide à perdre incorporates impressions from a night at a club in Istanbul – a liberation of oneself in ecstasy, played with great commitment by the Ensemble Ascolta conducted by Nicholas Kok.

Wie ein Stück Fett (Redux), a piece written for the Ensemble BRuCH, deals with excerpts from Gustav Meyrink’s novel The Golem using rough humor.

The orchestra piece Bellygoat Boom (substrate), commissioned by West German Radio (WDR) and conducted by Elena Schwarz, was influenced by cultural and artistic practices of the Maori that Krüger experienced in New Zealand.

The audio version of sweep over me them dusty bristles played by the Ensemble Inverspace is available online exclusively. Additionally, the specific video choreographed by Eddie Martinez and produced by Rikisaburo Sato is at disposal on the vimeo channel of Edition Zeitgenössische Musik. It toys with retro aesthetics that mirror the electro swing appeal of the music. Distinctively, Krüger weaves fundamental questions of humankind and human striving into it.

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