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Joshua, Curnyn: Handel – Semele (24/96 FLAC)

Joshua, Curnyn: Handel - Semele (24/96 FLAC)

Joshua, Curnyn: Handel – Semele (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: George Frideric Handel
Performer: Richard Croft, Brindley Sherratt, Hilary Summers, Rosemary Joshua, Stephen Wallace, Gail Pearson, Early Opera Company Chorus
Orchestra: Early Opera Company Orchestra
Conductor: Christian Curnyn
Number of Discs: 3
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Chandos
Catalogue: CHAN0745(3)
Release: 2007
Size: 1.96 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
01. Overture: ( — )
02. Overture: Allegro – Adagio
03. Overture: Gavotte
04. Act I Scene 1: Behold! Auspicious flashes rise! (Cadmus)
05. Act I Scene 1: Lucky omens bless our rites (Chorus)
06. Act I Scene 1: Daughter, obey (Cadmus)
07. Act I Scene 1: Ah me! What refuge now is left me? (Semele)
08. Act I Scene 1: The morning lark to mine accords his note (Semele)
09. Act I Scene 1: See, she blushing turns her eyes (Athamus)
10. Act I Scene 1: Hymen, haste, thy torch prepare (Athamus)
11. Act I Scene 1: Alas! she yields (Ino)
12. Act I Scene 1: Why dost thou thus untimely grieve (Cadmus)
13. Act I Scene 1: Avert these omens, all ye pow’rs! (Chorus)
14. Act I Scene 1: Again auspicious flashes rise (Cadmus)
15. Act I Scene 1: Thy aid, pronubial Juno, Athamas implores (Athamus)
16. Act I Scene 1: Cease, cease your vows, ’tis impious to proceed (Chorus)
17. Act I Scene 2: O Athamus, what torture hast thou borne! (Athamus)
18. Act I Scene 2: Turn, hopeless lover, turn thy eyes (Ino)
19. Act I Scene 2: She weeps! The gentle maid, in tender pity (Athamus)
20. Act I Scene 2: Your tuneful voice my tale would tell (Athamus)
21. Act I Scene 2: Too well I see (Ino)
22. Act I Scene 2: You’ve undone me (Ino)
23. Act I Scene 3: Ah, wretched Prince, doom’d to disastrous love! – Scene 4: See, see, Jove’s Priests and holy Augurs come (Cadmus)
24. Act I Scene 4: Hail, Cadmus, hail! Jove salutes the Theban King (Chorus)
25. Act I Scene 4: Endless pleasure, endless love (Semele)

CD 02
01. Act II: Sinfonia: Presto
02. Act II Scene 1: Iris, impatient of thy stay (Juno)
03. Act II Scene 1: There, from mortal cares retiring (Iris)
04. Act II Scene 1: No more, I’ll hear no more! (Juno)
05. Act II Scene 1: Hence, Iris, hence away (Juno)
06. Act II Scene 2: O sleep, why dost thou leave me? (Semele)
07. Act II Scene 3: Let me not another moment (Semele)
08. Act II Scene 3: Lay your doubts and fears aside (Jupiter)
09. Act II Scene 3: You are mortal, and require time to rest (Jupiter)
10. Act II Scene 3: Aria: With fond desiring (Semele)
11. Act II Scene 3: How engaging, how endearing (Chorus)
12. Act II Scene 3: Ah me! (Semele) – Why sighs my Semele? (Jupiter)
13. Act II Scene 3: I must with speed amuse her (Jupiter)
14. Act II Scene 3: Now Love that everlasting boy invites (Chorus)
15. Act II Scene 3: By my command (Jupiter)
16. Act II Scene 3: Where’er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade (Jupiter)
17. Act II Scene 4: Dear sister, how was your passage hither? (Semele)
18. Act II Scene 4: But hark! the heav’nly sphere turns round (Ino)
19. Act II Scene 4: Prepare then, ye immortal choir! (Ino, Semele)
20. Act II Scene 4: Bless the glad earth with heav’nly lays (Chorus)

CD 03
01. Act III: Sinfonia: Larghetto e piano per tutto
02. Act III Scene 1: Somnus, awake! Ease thy reclining head! (Juno)
03. Act III Scene 1: Leave me, loathsome light (Somnus)
04. Act III Scene 1: Dull God, canst thou attend the water’s fall (Iris)
05. Act III Scene 1: More sweet is that name (Somnus)
06. Act III Scene 1: My will obey (Juno)
07. Act III Scene 1: Obey my will, thy rod resign (Juno)
08. Act III Scene 2: My racking thoughts by no kind slumbers freed (Semele)
09. Act III Scene 3: Thus shap’d like Ino (Juno)
10. Act III Scene 3: Myself I shall adore (Semele)
11. Act III Scene 3: Be wise, as you are beautiful (Juno)
12. Act III Scene 3: Thus let my thanks be paid (Semele)
13. Act III Scene 3: Rich odours fill the fragrant air (Juno)
14. Act III Scene 4: Come to my arms, my lovely fair (Jupiter)
15. Act III Scene 4: O Semele (Jupiter)
16. Act III Scene 4: I ever am granting (Semele)
17. Act III Scene 4: Speak, speak your desire (Jupiter)
18. Act III Scene 4: You’ll grant what I require (Semele)
19. Act III Scene 4: Then cast off this human shape which you wear (Semele)
20. Act III Scene 4: Ah, take heed what you press (Jupiter)
21. Act III Scene 4: No, no! I’ll take no less (Semele)
22. Act III Scene 5: Ah! whither is she gone! unhappy fair! (Jupiter)
23. Act III Scene 6: Above measure (Juno)
24. Act III Scene 7: Ah me! too late I now repent (Semele)
25. Act III Scene 8: Of my ill-boding dream (Ino)
26. Act III Scene 8: Oh, terror and astonishment! (Chorus)
27. Act III Scene 8: How I was hence remov’d (Ino)
28. Act III Scene 8: Despair no more shall wound me (Athamus)
29. Act III Scene 8: See from above the bellying clouds descend (Cadmus)
30. Act III Scene 9: Sinfonia
31. Act III Scene 9: Apollo comes, to relieve your care (Apollo)
32. Act III Scene 9: Happy, happy shall we be (All)

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