Johnson: Kuula - Complete Works For Solo Piano (24/96 FLAC)
Johnson: Kuula – Complete Works For Solo Piano (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Toivo Kuula
Performer: Adam Johnson
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Grand Piano
Size: 1.21 GB
Recovery: +3%
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3 Folk-Tale Pictures, Op. 19
01. No. 1. Andante semplice
02. No. 2. Presto
03. No. 3. Tranquillamento

3 Piano Pieces, Op. 3b
04 No. 1. Elegia (Elegy)
05. No. 2. Häämarssi (Wedding March)
06. No. 3. Pikku gavotti (Little Gavotte)

07. Juhlamarssi (Festive March), Op. 13b
08. Lampaanpolska (Dance of the Sheep)
09. Air varié in E Minor, “Variations on a Finnish Air”
10. Schottis: (Scottish Dance)

6 Piano Pieces, Op. 26
11. No. 1. Piirileikki (Round Dance)
12. No. 2. Paimentunnelma (Pastoral Atmosphere)
13. No. 3. Tanssi-improvisaatio (Dance Improvisation)
14. No. 4. Nocturne
15. No. 5. Rauha (Peace)
16. No. 6. Surumarssi (Funeral March)

2 Song Transcriptions, Op. 37
17. Virta venhettä vie (The Current Carries the Boat), Op. 4, No. 5b
18. Venelaulu (Barcarolle), Op. 21, No. 2b

19. Vanha syyslaulu (An Old Autumn Song), Op. 24, No. 3b
20. Invention in E Minor

Finnish composer and conductor Toivo Kuula was a student of Sibelius, and pieces such as the majestic Juhlamarssi (‘Festive March’) share the great master’s national flavour while the descriptive folktales of Satukuvia create their own beautifully romantic atmosphere. Kuula’s piano music is notable for its vast array of colour and variety of style, from the melancholy Surumarssi (‘Funeral March’) (from Six Pieces, Op. 26) to the lighthearted Schottis (‘Scottish Dance’), while countless Finnish couples have been married to the accompaniment of Kuula’s Häämarssi (‘Wedding March’).

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