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Johannes Pramsohler, Ensemble Diderot – Barocco (24/44 FLAC)

Johannes Pramsohler, Ensemble Diderot - Barocco (24/44 FLAC)

Johannes Pramsohler, Ensemble Diderot – Barocco (24/44 FLAC)

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Arcangelo Corelli, George Frideric Handel, Marin Marais, Johann Friedrich Meister, Jean-Joseph Cassanea de Mondonville, Antonio Maria Montanari, Georg Philipp Telemann, Silvius Leopold Weiss
Performer: Johannes Pramsohler, Ensemble Diderot, Philippe Grisvard, Romain Falik, Lisa Goode Crawford, Erik Tinkerhess, Christopher Palameta, Jadran Duncumb
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Audax
Release: 2016
Size: 1.09 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: cover

Telemann: Sonata in A Major, TWV 41
01. A4 ”Musique de Table”: I. Andante
02. A4 ”Musique de Table”: III. Cantabile
03. A4 ”Musique de Table: II. Vivace
04. A4 ”Musique de Table: IV. Allegro

Meister: La Musica Ottava in B-Flat Major
05. I. Adagio
06. II. Fuga. Allegro

Meister: La Musica Nona in G Minor
07. III. Adagio
08. IV. Menuet. Allegro e forte

Corelli: Violin Sonata Op. 5 No. 1 in D major
09. I. Grave – Allegro – Adagio
10. II. Allegro
11. III. Allegro

12. Marais: Suite in G Major, Second Livre: V. Rondeau champêtre
13. Marais: Suite in E Minor, Second et Quatrième Livres: V. La Biscayenne
14. Montanari: Concerto No. 7 in E Major, Op. 1: II. Allegro
15. Montanari: Concerto No. 1 in A Major, Op. 1: III. Amoroso
16. Montanari: Concerto No. 8 in A Major, Op. 1: IV. Vivace

Handel: Trio Sonata in E Major, HWV 394
17. II. Allegro
18. IV. Allegro

19. Bach: Suite in A Major: Fantasia
20. Bach: Suite in A Major: Courante

Meister: La Musica Duodecima in E-Flat Major
21. II. Passagaglia. Allegro
22. III. Allemanda. Allegro
23. V. Sarabanda. Lento
24. VI. Menuet. Allegro e forte

25. Montanari: Concerto No. 6 in E-Flat Major, Op. 1: IV. Allegro

The world of the Baroque was brilliant and magnificent.

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