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Gergiev: Mahler – Symphonies no.1-9 (24/96 FLAC)

Gergiev: Mahler - Symphonies no.1-9 (24/96 FLAC)

Gergiev: Mahler – Symphonies no.1-9 (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Gustav Mahler
Performer: Zlata Bulycheva, Elena Moșuc, Anna Larsson, Laura Claycomb, Alexey Markov, Liudmila Dudinova, Sergey Semishkur, Evgeny Nikitin, Ailish Tynan, Viktoria Yastrebova, Lilli Paasikiv, London Symphony Chorus, Tiffin Boys’ Choir
Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Valéry Gergiev
Number of Discs: 10
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: LSO
Release: yes
Size: 11.6 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Symphony No. 1
01. I. Langsam. Schleppen
02. II. Kraftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell
03. III. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen
04. IV. Sturmisch bewegt

05. Symphony No. 10: Adagio

CD 02
Symphony No. 9
01. I. Andante comodo
02. II. Im Tempo eines gemächlichen Ländlers
03. III. Rondo-Burleske. Allegro assai. Sehr trotzig
04. IV. Adagio. Sehr langsam und noch zurückhaltend

CD 03
Symphony No. 2
01. I. Allegro maestoso
02. II. Andante Moderato
03. III. In Ruhig Fliessender Bewegung
04. IV. Urlicht. Sehr feierlich, aber schlicht
05. V. Im Tempo Des Scherzo

CD 04
Symphony No. 3
01. Pt. I: I. Kräftig. Entschieden

CD 05
Symphony No. 3
01. Pt. II: II. Tempo di menuetto. Grazioso
02. Pt. II: III. Comodo. Scherzando. Ohne Hast
03. Pt. II: IV. Sehr langsam. Misterioso
04. Pt. II: V. Lustig im Tempo und keck im Ausdruck
05. Pt. II: VI. Langsam. Ruhevoll. Empfunden

CD 06
Symphony No. 4
01. I. Bedächtig. Nicht Eilen
02. II. In gemächlicher Bewegung. Ohne Hast
03. III. Ruhewoll
04. IV. Sehr behaglich

CD 07
Symphony No. 5
01. I. Trauermarsch
02. II. Stürmisch bewegt, mit größter Vehemenz
03. III. Scherzo
04. IV. Adagietto
05. V. Rondo. Finale

CD 08
Symphony No. 6
01. I. Allegro energico, ma non troppo
02. II. Andante moderato
03. III. Scherzo. Wuchtig
04. IV. Finale. Allegro moderato

CD 09
Symphony No. 7 in E Minor
01. I. Langsam (Adagio) – Allegro con fuoco
02. II. Nachtmusik. Allegro moderato
03. III. Scherzo. Schattenhaft
04. IV. Nachtmusik. Andante amoroso
05. V. Rondo-Finale. Allegro ordinario – Allegro moderato ma energico

CD 10
Symphony No. 8
01. Pt. I: I. Veni, creator spiritus
02. Pt. I: II. Imple superna gratia
03. Pt. I: III. Infirma nostri corporis
04. Pt. I: IV. Accende lumen sensibus
05. Pt. I: V. Veni, creator spiritus
06. Pt. I: VI. Gloria Patri Domino
07. Pt. II: I. Poco adagio
08. Pt. II: II. Ewiger Wonnerbrand
09. Pt. II: III. Wie Felsenabgrund mir zu Fussen
10. Pt. II: IV. Gerettet ist das edle Glied
11. Pt. II: V. Uns bleibt ein Erdenrest
12. Pt. II: VI. Hochste Herrscherin der Welt!
13. Pt. II: VII. Dir, der Unberuhrbaren
14. Pt. II: VIII. Bei der Liebe, die den Fussen
15. Pt. II: IX. Neige, neige, du Ohnegleiche
16. Pt. II: X. Komm! Hebe dich zu hohern Spharen!
17. Pt. II: XI. Blikket auf
18. Pt. II: XII. Alles Vergangliche

Valery Gergiev’s performances and recordings of Mahler’s symphonies with the LSO have garnered international acclaim. They have performed the works in Europe, North America and the Far East and their recordings have received numerous awards. The symphonies were originally released between 2008 and 2011 and will now be made available together for the first time as a beautifully packaged 10 SACD box set.

Each of Mahler’s symphonies could be considered a masterpiece, employing large orchestras, matching his view of the symphony as an all-encompassing form of musical expression. Mahler drew inspiration widely, but certain themes recur frequently – wisdom, love, grief, mortality and death.

Throughout the Autumn Valery Gergiev will conduct the complete Brahms and Szymanowski cycles with the LSO in London, Edinburgh, Paris and Luxembourg. They also tour together to the USA and Germany.

Gergiev’s recent recordings on LSO Live include an acclaimed recording of Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances. Forthcoming LSO Live releases include Tchaikovsky’s Symphonies Nos 1-3 in October 2012.

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