Fennell conducts Sousa: 24 Favorite Marches (APE)
Fennell conducts Sousa: 24 Favorite Marches (APE)

Composer: John Philip Sousa
Orchestra: Eastman Wind Ensemble
Conductor: Frederick Fennell
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Mercury
Size: 471 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Sousa: Sound Off
02. Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine
03. Sabre And Spurs
04. Sousa: The Picadore
05. Sousa: Our Flirtations
06. Sousa: The High School Cadets
07. Sousa: The Invincible Eagle
08. Bullets And Bayonets
09. Sousa: The Liberty Bell
10. Riders For The Flag
11. Solid Men To The Front!
12. Sousa: The Gallant Seventh
13. Sousa: The Rifle Regiment
14. The Pride Of The Wolverines
15. Sousa: Golden Jubilee
16. Sousa: The Gridiron Club
17. Sousa: New Mexico
18. Sousa: Sesqui-Centennial Exposition
19. Sousa: The Black Horse Troop
20. Sousa: The Kansas Wildcats
21. Sousa: Manhattan Beach
22. Ancient And Honorable Artillery Company
23. Sousa: The National Game
24. The Glory Of The Yankee Navy

The Mastery of Fennell

I’ve owned this CD for several years, and bought a copy recently as a Christmas gift. Frederick Fennell is a modern master of band and marches, and I own several of his recordings. What makes this CD a standout for me is the Mercury Living Presence recording and remastering method. I own over two dozen of this series because Living Presence does indeed represent a different method of producing music for the recorded media. It DOES sound more lifelike to me than conventional multimike recordings. To anyone considering purchase of this CD I’d recommend also ordering ‘Screamers’, the Living Presence CD of circus marches. To me this is feel-good music at its best, and terrific for listing in the car! Additionally, the Living Presence series stands out for its excellent liner notes with explanations of the Living Presence method. This CD is a keeper. Incidentally, the recipient of this CD has since gone out and bought several other Living Presence CD’s after hearing this!s

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