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Doyen: Faure – L’Oeuvre pour Piano (4 CD box set, FLAC)

Faure: L’Oeuvre pour Piano (Integrale) (4CD boxset, FLAC)

Composer: Gabriel Faure
Performer: Jean Doyen
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 4 CD box set
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Erato
Size: 1.29 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Disc: 1
01. Nocts: No.1 in e flat, Op.33 No.1
02. Nocts: No.2 in B, Op.33 No.2
03. Nocts: No.3 in A flat, Op.33 No.3
04. Nocts: No.4 in E flat, Op.36
05. Nocts: No.5 in B flat, Op.37
06. Nocts: No.6 in D flat, Op.63
07. Nocts: No.7 in c#, Op.74
08. Nocts: No.9 in b, Op.97
09. Nocts: No.10 in e, Op.99
10. Nocts: No.11 in f#, Op.104 No.1
11. Nocts: No.12 in e, Op.107

Disc: 2
01. Nocts: No.13 in b, Op.119
02. Ballade Pour Pno Seul, Op.19
03. Theme Et Vars, Op.73
04. Romances Sans Paroles, Op.17: No.1. Andante quasi allegretto
05. Romances Sans Paroles, Op.17: No.2. Allegro molto
06. Romances Sans Paroles, Op.17: No.3. Andante moderato
07. Prlds, Op.103: No.1 in D flat
08. Prlds, Op.103: No.2 in c#
09. Prlds, Op.103: No.3 in g
10. Prlds, Op.103: No.4 in F
11. Prlds, Op.103: No.5 in d
12. Prlds, Op.103: No.6 in e flat
13. Prlds, Op.103: No.7 in A
14. Prlds, Op.103: No.8 in c
15. Prlds, Op.103: No.9 in e

Disc: 3
01. Barcarolles: No.1 in a, Op.26
02. Barcarolles: No.2 in G, Op.41
03. Barcarolles: No.3 in G flat, Op.42
04. Barcarolles: No.4 in A flat, Op.44
05. Barcarolles: No.5 in f#, Op.66
06. Barcarolles: No.6 in E flat, Op.70
07. Barcarolles: No.7 in d, Op.90
08. Barcarolles: No.8 in D flat, Op.96
09. Barcarolles: No.9 in a, Op.101
10. Barcarolles: No.10 in a, Op.104 No.2
11. Barcarolles: No.11 in g, Op.105
12. Barcarolles: No.12 in E flat, Op.106 bis
13. Barcarolles: No.13 in C, Op.116

Disc: 4
01. Valses-Caprices: No.1 in A, Op.30
02. Valses-Caprices: No.2 in D flat, Op.18
03. Valses-Caprices: No.3 in G flat, Op.59
04. Valses-Caprices: No.4 in A flat, Op.62
05. Impromptus: No.1 in E flat, Op.25
06. Impromptus: No.2 in f, Op.31
07. Impromptus: No.3 in A flat, Op.34
08. Impromptus: No.4 in D flat, Op.91
09. Impromptus: No.5 in f#, Op.102
10. Mazurka in B flat, Op.32
11. Pieces Breves Op.84: Capriccio in E flat
12. Pieces Breves Op.84: Fant in A flat
13. Pieces Breves Op.84: Fugue in a
14. Pieces Breves Op.84: Adagietto in e
15. Pieces Breves Op.84: Improv in c#
16. Pieces Breves Op.84: Fugue in e
17. Pieces Breves Op.84: Allegresse in C
18. Pieces Breves Op.84: Nocturne No.8 in D flat

As the composer would wish …

This pianist – Jean Doyen – was a favoured pupil of Marguerite Long, who was a favoured pupil and interpreter of Faure himself.
This is a reading as the composer would wish to hear it … without indulgent rubato or unecessary effects. Jean Doyens’ very considerable insight and technique is entirely at the service of the music, which is far from being the case in many of the other cd’s of Faure piano music I have heard, and I’ve checked out and purchased many others. Despite the Bosendorfer in this recording possessing a heavier timbre than say a Steiway ‘D’ , it is beautiful music beautifully played,and as such is THE definitive complete solo piano collection.

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