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Elly Ameling, Jorg Demus: Haydn – Lieder (FLAC)

Elly Ameling, Jorg Demus:  Haydn - Lieder (FLAC)

Elly Ameling, Jorg Demus: Haydn – Lieder (FLAC)

Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn
Performer: Elly Ameling, Jörg Demus
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Philips
Catalogue: 4202172
Release: 1981
Size: 234 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: cover

01. O Tuneful Voice, Hob. XXVIa:42
02. The Mermaid’s Song, Hob. XXVIa:25
03. Recollection, Hob. XXVIa:26
04. A Pastoral Song, Hob.XXVIa:27
05. Despair, Hob. XXVIa:28
06. Pleasing Pain, Hob. XXVIa:29
07. Fidelity, Hob. XXVIa:30
08. The Spirit’s Song, Hob. XXVIa:41
09. Sailor’s Song, Hob. XXVIa:31
10 .The Wanderer, Hob. XXVIa:32
11. Sympathy, Hob. XXVIa:33
12. She Never Told Her Love, Hob. XXVIa:34
13. Piercing Eyes, Hob. XXVIa:35
14. Transport of Pleasure ‘Content’, Hob. XXVIa:36
15. The Lady’s Looking-Glass, Hob.XXXIc:17a
16. Vergiss mein nicht (Pensi a me sì fido amante), Hob.XXVIa:46
17. Un tetto umil, Hob.XXVIa:45
18. Das strickende Mädchen, Hob. XXVIa:1
19. Cupido, Hob.XXVIa:2
20. Der erste Kuss, Hob.XXVIa:3
21. Eine sehr gewöhnliche Geschichte, Hob.XXVIa:4

Rightly associated with Schubert, whom she sings with relish, Dutch singer Ely Ameling also excelled in the Viennese classical repertoire which preceded and heralded the arrival of the German romantic Lied. This album, recorded with her collaborator Jörg Demus in Arnhem in Holland, is published here in its original 1980 configuration. It is a real gem, a rare delight to listen do: we can only be seduced by the duo’s perfect evenness; the great Viennese pianist Jörg Demus offers much more than a mere accompaniment, lending these precious little pieces a delicacy, a contemplative content and a sense of melancholy which are quite unexpected. We find ourselves part way between an aristocratic salon romance and the Lied. Elly Ameling’s supple, seductive voice brings to these Canzonettas, written in English during Hayden’s second stay in London, a particular charm; and gives us cause to regret the absence of these jewels from the current repertoire of song recitals.

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