Borutzki: Alla turca (24/44 FLAC)
Borutzki: Alla turca (24/44 FLAC)

Orchestra: Berliner Blockflöten Orchester
Conductor: Simon Borutzki
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Klanglogo
Size: 538 MB
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Lully: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
01. Le bourgeois gentilhomme: XI. Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Handel: Solomon
02. Solomon, HWV 67: No. 42, Sinfonia “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Weissenborn: 6 Pieces, Op. 4
03. 6 Pieces, Op. 4: Mitternächtliche Wachtparade – Türkischer Marsch (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Gabriel Baille: Marche turque, Op. 43 (arr. S. Borutzki for percussion and orchestra)
04. Marche turque, Op. 43 (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Beethoven: Incidental music to The Ruins of Athens
05. Die Ruinen von Athen, Op. 113 (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Diabelli: 28 Melodische übungstücke, Op. 149
06. 28 Melodische übungstücke, Op. 149: No. 26, Alla turca (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Joseph Rummel: Rondo turc (arr. S. Borutzki for percussion and orchestra)
07. Rondo turc (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K331 ‘Alla Turca’
08. Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K. 331: III. Alla turca. Allegretto (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Verdi: Aida
09. Aida: Danza dei piccoli schiavi mori (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Rossini: L’Italiana in Algeri
10. L’Italiana in Algeri: Overtüre (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Bert R. Anthony: Danse orientale, Op. 205: Rose of the Orient (arr. S. Borutzki for percussion and orchestra)
11. Rose of the Orient, Op. 205 (Arr. S. Borutzki)

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Ernest Richard Kroeger: Scéne orientale, Op. 37
12. Scéne orientale, Op. 37: No. 1, in D Minor (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Kalman: Die Bajadere
13. Die Bajadere: Tanz (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Hahn, R: Le rossignol des lilas
14. Le rossignol des lilas (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a
15. The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: V. Arabian Dance (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Sieg: Jabal ram (arr. S. Borutzki for percussion and orchestra)
16. Jabal ram (Arr. S. Borutzki)

Nora Thiele (percussion)
Berliner Blockflöten Orchester
Simon Borutzki

For centuries European composers have looked towards the Orient and captured their imagination in music. Recorded by the Berliner Blockflöten Orchester, ‘Alla Turca’ makes audible not only the musical diversity of such Western representations of the Orient, but also the manifold timbral facets of the recorder. Well-known works such as Mozart’s ‘Rondo alla Turca’ stand alongside unfamiliar gems. Contemporary depictions are juxtaposed with Baroque perspectives. With meticulous care, Simon Borutzki has arranged these works for recorders. His bespoke arrangements enable the Berliner Blockflöten Orchester to present the diversity of recorder music to it’s fullest. The orchestra’s sound is enriched by percussionist Nora Thiele. In some cases, her performances are improvised responses to a given work’s atmosphere, offering the ideal complement to the Oriental marches and dances of ‘Alla Turca’.

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