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Bonizzoni: Alessandro Scarlatti – Serenata a Filli (FLAC)

Bonizzoni: Alessandro Scarlatti - Serenata a Filli (FLAC)

Bonizzoni: Alessandro Scarlatti – Serenata a Filli (FLAC)

Composer: Alessandro Scarlatti
Performer: La Risonanza, Emanuela Galli, Yetzabel Arias Fernández, Martín Oro, Fabio Bonizzoni
Conductor: Fabio Bonizzoni
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Glossa
Catalogue: GCD921511
Release: 2011
Size: 322 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Serenata a Filli
01. Sinfonia
02. Recitative: Tacete, tacete aure tacete (Fileno)
03. Aria: A ragion di fosche bende (Fileno, Niso)
04. Recitative: Dormite pur dormite (Niso)
05. Aria: Al mio cordoglio (Fileno, Niso)
06. Recitative: Ah no! Luci, stelle i raggi aprite (Doralbo)
07. Trio: Deh! fugate o luci belle (Doralbo, Fileno, Niso)
08. Aria: Se da Filli soave merce (Doralbo)
09. Recitative: Ma stolto a che mi lagno a che sospiro? (Doralbo)
10. Duet: Con durissimi legami (Fileno, Doralbo)
11. Recitative: Dunque se fian graditi (Fileno)
12. Trio: Se v’aggrada il mio tormento (Fileno, Niso, Doralbo)
13. Recitative: Lasso! che i miei sospiri (Niso)
14. Aria: Ombre voi d’un cor fedele (Niso)
15. Recitative: Dove si vidde mai (Fileno)
16. Aria: No, non m’ingannate (Fileno)
17. Aria: Quell’ardor che chiudo in petto (Doralbo)
18. Recitative: Folle, ma che deliro! (Doralbo, Fileno)
19. Trio: Svegliati o bella intanto (Doralbo, Niso, Fileno)

Le muse Urania e Clio lodano le bellezze di Filli
20. Introduzzione
21. Recitative: O mie figlie canore (Sole)
22. Trio: Viva, viva pur felice (Sole, Urania, Clio)
23. Recitative: Si, si stupor non fia (Clio)
24. Aria: Sua guancia vezzosa (Urania)
25. Recitative: Io, io che il Sole son, senza i suoi fiori (Sole)
26. Aria: O che serri o che disserri (Clio)
27. Recitative: E la bellezza ch’in lei sempre s’ammira (Sole)
28. Aria: Se rivolge quegl’occhi innamora, (Sole)
29. Recitative: Per celebrarla appien basti dir solo (Urania)
30. Aria: Dunque in lei sol si racchiude (Urania)
31. Recitative: Anzi, se virtu unita (Clio)
32. Aria: Questa si ch’in petto aduna (Clio)
33. Recitative: Cor, se invan s’affatica il nostro ingegno (Sole)
34. Aria: Parto o bella resta in pace (Sole)
35. Trio: Dormi o bella Filli (Sole, Urania, Clio)

The Serenata, a brief occasional entertainment that flourished in Italy in the early 18th century, was like a short opera but performed in concert form. Alessandro Scarlatti composed these two Serenate, each lasting about half an hour, to be performed on summer evenings in 1706. Both have gentle, Arcadian themes of the pain of young love and are serenely elegiac in tone. Scarlatti’s music doesn’t stray far from the more conservative conventions of his time, but it is exceptionally graceful and notable for its lyrical vocal writing, and his settings skillfully heighten the emotions of the texts. Each serenata is scored for two sopranos and alto (sung here by a counter tenor) with chamber ensemble and continuo. The arias are suavely elegant but generally the lovely vocal ensembles, such as “Deh! Fugate,” and “Svegliati o bella,” from Serenata à Filli and “Dormi o bello,” from Le muse Urania e Clio Lodano le belleze di Filli, are among the musical highlights of the album. The exquisite aria “Ombre voi,” for soprano, a haunting passacaglia, also stands out for the felicity of its invention and its evocative, mysterious mood. The performances by conductor and harpsichordist Fabio Bonizzoni and the chamber orchestra La Risonanza, are refined and delicate and at the same time full of spirited energy. Sopranos Emanuela Galli and Yetzabel Arias Fernández and alto Martín Oro sing with purity and finely focused tone, as well as plenty of expressiveness. These are virtuoso performances whose impressiveness grows as the works progress dramatically. Glossa’s sound is immaculate and natural. Scarlatti’s serenate are little gems that should delight fans of Baroque vocal music from off the beaten track, particularly in performances as fine as these.

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