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Belleza, Shalyapin: Mussorgsky – Boris Godunov, 1928 (FLAC)

Belleza, Chaliapin: Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov, 1928 (FLAC)

Belleza, Chaliapin: Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov, 1928 (FLAC)

Orchestra: Royal Opera House Covent Garden Orchestra
Conductor: Vincenzo Bellezza
Composer: Modest Mussorgsky
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Guild
Size: 142 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Boris – Feodor Chaliapin
Tchelkalov – Astride Barrachi
Shiusky – Angelo Bada
Dimitri – Dino Borgioili
Varlaam – Salvatore Baccaloni
Theodore – Margherita Cariosio
Lavretzky – Dennis Noble
Tcheraiakovsky – Astride Barrachi
Innocente – Octave Dua
Pimen – Luigi Manfrini

01. Prelude And Chorus
02. Pilgrim’s Chorus
03. Coronation
04. I Am Oppressed
05. And Now My Son
06. I Have Obtained The Highest Power
07. Clock Scene
08. Chorus & Polonaise
09. Varlaam & Missail
10. Dimitri: We, Dimitri…
11. Well, Shall We Vote?
12. Out! Out! (Choo!)
13. Pimen Narrative
14. Farewell
15. Prayer & Farewell
16. Death Of Boris

Important Vocal Document from Amazon

Feodor Chaliapin was one of the great Boris Godounovs of the last, or of any century; we are therefore lucky to have these selections ,using the Rimsky-Korsakov version, recorded at Covent Garden in 1928.Chaliapin, was in his 50’s at the time, still, the voice is gorgeous and imposing. The balance of the cast is Italian, therefore the balance of the singing is in Italian. Jarring to our ears, but multilingual performances, through the 1940s, were often the rule, not the exception. Vincenzo Bellezza, best known for conducting Italian and French works, keeps things moving nicely. Sound is more than tolerable. This CD is a must!!

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