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Alfred Deller – The Voice of Purcell (24/96 FLAC)

Alfred Deller - The Voice of Purcell (24/96 FLAC)

Alfred Deller – The Voice of Purcell (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Henry Purcell
Performer: Alfred Deller, Deller Consort
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Harmonia Mundi
Release: 2019
Size: 7.51 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
The Fairy Queen, Z. 629
The First Musick
01. I. Prelude
02. II. Hornpipe

The Second Musick
03. I. Air
04. II. Rondeau
05. III. Overture

Act I
06. Come let us leave (Two Fairies)
07. Scene of the drunken poet
08. First Act tune

Act II
09. Prelude. Come all ye songsters (A Fairy)
10. Prelude.
11. May the God of wit (Three Fairies)
12. Echo. Now join your warbling voices
13. Sing while we trip (A Fairy). Fairy Dance
14. See, even night (Night)
15. I am come to lock (Mistery)
16. One charming night (Secret)
17. Hush, no more (Sleep)
18. Dance for the followers of Night
19. Second Act tune

20. If love’s a sweet passion (A Nymph)
21. Symphony while the swans come forward
22. Dance for the Fairies
23. Dance for the Green Men
24. Ye gentle spirits of the air (A Nymph)
25. Dialogue between Corydon and Mopsa
26. When I have often heard (A Nymph)
27. Dance for the Haymakers
28. A thousand, thousand ways (Corydon, Mopsa)
29. Third Act tune

CD 02
The Fairy Queen, Z. 629

Act IV
01. Symphony
02. Now the night (Attendants)
03. Let the fifes and the clarions (Attendants)
04. Entry of Phoebus
05. When a cruel long winter (Phoebus)
06. Hail! Great parent (Fairies)
07. Thus the ever grateful Spring (Spring)
08. Here’s the summer (Summer)
09. See, see my many colour’d fields (Automn)
10. Now winter comes slowly (Winter)
11. Hail! Great parent! (Fairies)
12. Fourth Act tune

Act V
13. Prelude
14. Thrice happy lovers (Juno)
15. The Plaint
16. Entry Dance
17. Symphony
18. Thus the gloomy world (The Chinese Man)
19. Thus happy and free (A Chinese Woman)
20. Yes Xansi (The Chinese Man)
21. Monkey’s Dance
22. Hark how all things (A Chinese Woman)
23. Hark! The choing air (A Chinese Woman)
24. Sure the dull God (A Chinese Woman)
25. Prelude. See, I obey (Hymen)
26. Turn then thine eyes (Chinese Woman)
27. My torch indeed (Hymen)
28. They shall be as happy
29. Chaconne
30. They shall be as happy

CD 03
King Arthur, Z. 628
01. Overture – Air – Overture

Act I, Scene 2
02. Woden first to thee (Bass) – Brave Souls (Chorus) – I call ye all (Counter-tenor)

Act I, Scene 3
03. Come if you dare (Tenor and Chorus)

Act II, Scene 1
04. Hither this way bend (Philidel) – Let not a Moon-born Elf (Grimbald) – Hitheer this way (Philidel)

Act II, Scene 2
05. How blest are Shepherds (Shepherd) – Shepherd, leave Decoying (2 Shepherdesses) – Hornpipe

Act III, Scene 2
06. Prelude. What ho (Cupid)

07. What Power art thou (Genius) – Thou Doting Fool forbear (Cupid) – Prelude. See, see (Chorus)
08. Tis I, that have warm’d ye (Cupid) – Sound a Parley (Cupid & Genius) – Air

CD 04
King Arthur, Z. 628
Act IV, Scene 2
01. Two Daugthers (Two Syrens)
02. How happy the Lover (Alto) – Fourth Act Tune

Act V, Scene 2
03. Trompet Tune – Ye Blust’ring Brethren (Aeolius)

Act V, The Final masque
04. Symphony – Song Tune – Round thy Coasts (Nereid & Pan) – For Folded Flocks (Alto, Tenor & Bass)

05. Song Tune. Your Hay
06. Fairest Isle (Venus)
07. You say (Soprano) – This not my passion (Bass) – But one soft Moment (Bass)
08. Trompet Tune – St. George (Honour)
09. Chaconne

Timon of Athens, Z. 632
10. Overture
11. “Hark! how the songsters of the grove”
12. “Come all, come all to me”
13. “The care of lovers”

CD 05
The Indian Queen, Z. 630
01. Overture
02. Prologue

Acte I
03. Wake, Quivera, wake (Boy)

Acte II
04. Symphony
05. I come to sing (Fame and chorus)
06. What flattering noise (Envy and two followers)
07. Begone (Fame)

Acte III
08. Symphony
09. Ye twice ten hundred deities (Ismeron)
10. Seek not to know (God of dreams)
11. Trumpet overture
12. Ah! how happy we are. We the spirits of the air (Aerial spirits)
13. I attempt to love’s sickness (Aerial spirits)
14. We the spirits of the air (Aerial spirits)

Acte IV
15. They tell us (Ozaria)

Acte V
16. While thus (Chorus)

CD 06
01. The Plaint, Z. 629/4
02. If music be the food of love, Z. 37
03. I attempt from love’s sickness
04. Fairest Isle, Z. 628/3
05. Sweeter Than Roses, Z. 585/
06. Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move, Z. 40
07. Thrice Happy Lovers
08. An Evening Hymn, Z. 19
09. From Rosy Bow’rs, Z. 57
10. O Lead Me to Some Peaceful Gloom, Z. 57
11. Retired from Any Mortal’s Sight, Z. 58
12. Music for a While, Z. 58
13. Since from My Dear Astrea’s Sight, Z. 62

CD 07
01. O Solitude, Z. 40
02. O Lord, God of hosts, Z. 3
03. O Give Thanks unto the Lord, Z. 33
04. My song shall be alway, Z. 31
05. Hear My Prayer, O Lord, Z. 1
06. Blow up the trumpet in Sion, Z. 1

The year 1979 saw the death of one of the leading players in the ‘Baroque’ revolution, undoubtedly the most famous countertenor of the twentieth century. Alfred Deller had even achieved the supreme tour de force of convincing us that, three centuries earlier, Purcell had composed his songs for him! With him the public of the 1960s and 1970s discovered not only an absolutely inimitable timbre, but also the delights of a repertory that had been slumbering in libraries until then. Forty years after his death, thanks to the meticulous process of remastering harmonia mundi has carried out on the original tapes, Alfred Deller’s art seems more alive than ever!

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