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Home » Classical Downloads » Agata Kielar-Długosz, Carlos Peña Montoya – Modern Lullabies (FLAC)

Agata Kielar-Długosz, Carlos Peña Montoya – Modern Lullabies (FLAC)

Agata Kielar-Długosz, Carlos Peña Montoya - Modern Lullabies (FLAC)

Agata Kielar-Długosz, Carlos Peña Montoya – Modern Lullabies (FLAC)

Performer: Agata Kielar-Długosz, Carlos Peña Montoya
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Dux
Catalogue: DUX1821
Release: 2022
Size: 303 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Schneider: Lullaby (1)
02. Bielecki: Lullaby (2)
03. Kowalska-Lasoń: Lullaby (3)
04. Shcherbakov: Lullaby (4)
05. Wesołowski: Lullaby (5)
06. Mengjiqi: Lullaby (6)
07. Łukaszewski: Lullaby (7)
08. Mykietyn: Lullaby (8)
09. Sławiński: Lullaby (9)
10. Korniwicz: Lullaby (10)
11. Bruzdowicz: Lullaby (11)
12. Błażewicz: Lullaby (12)
13. Moss: Lullaby (13)
14. Kisiel: Lullaby (14)
15. Dai Bo: Lullaby (15)

The presented album is an extremely interesting proposal for lovers of the sound of flute and harp, meeting on the basis of intimate music, but at the same time very universal, namely lullabies. It is also a meeting with Polish and foreign contemporary music of selected fifteen composers, most of whom were born in the second half of the 20th century. The series of lyrical miniatures featured on the album offers insight into various ways of a sound narrative directed, in accordance with the convention of the genre, to the youngest. It is fascinating to hear how diverse music embodies feelings such as care, tenderness and delicacy, how it enters the world of childhood experiences without infantilizing them.

However, it is not children’s music; lullabies from the album are addressed to audiences of all ages looking for interesting discoveries in the field of contemporary chamber music. This musical material contains a significant amount of the epic element as well as tales told with melodies, whose mood resembles the one of an atmospheric painting thanks to the revealing combination of the harp and the flute.

The flute part is performed by Agata Kielar-Długosz, a renowned Polish flautist, active in the field of music performance and promotion, winner of numerous competitions, soloist and chamber musician in Poland and abroad, co-operating with outstanding ensembles and conductors. She is particularly devoted to the latest music, performing world premieres of many works composed especially for her, co-creator (together with her husband Łukasz Długosz) of the Flautoforte platform, specializing in world premieres, recording and dissemination of Polish contemporary flute music.

Carlos Peña Montoya, an excellent harpist from Costa Rica, has been living in Europe for years and co-operates with remarkable orchestras on the continent, taking part in numerous competitions and masterclasses. His passion is also teaching and music promotion; he is a member of the “Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now” foundation, which organizes charity concerts. Currently, he is the first harpist of the Fryderyk Chopin Polish Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in Gdańsk.

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